Senior Devops Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
London, UK
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
Operating Systems
Quality Assurance (QA)
  • You will be familiar with AWS common services with a focus on best practices, across networking, resilience, performance efficiency and security posture management
  • You will have expert-level knowledge of at least one infrastructure-as-code language (e.g. Terraform)
  • You will have detailed knowledge of building observable systems. Understanding of the right metrics to capture and the fundamentals of cohesive dashboard design
  • Understanding of continuous delivery principles, including feature-switching, canary releases and CI/CD pipelines
  • You will have an understanding of core security principles and their application in continuous delivery systems and cloud environments
  • Working practical knowledge of at least one programming language (C++, C#, Java, JS, Kotlin, Python, PHP, Golang)
  • You will have knowledge of container orchestration systems such as Kubernetes or ECS
  • You will be familiar with messaging and asynchronous communication technologies
  • Experience conducting detailed postmortems, hardening systems and deploying fault-tolerant systems at scale
  • Knowledge of testing methodology and designing high-quality testing suites resilient to changes in implementation
  • Understanding of the principles of good software design. Awareness of core concepts such as information hiding, abstraction, module design, cohesion and coupling
  • You will have broader software architecture skills and detailed knowledge of architectural patterns and applying them to highly-scalable, fault-tolerant, observable microservices and systems
  • Curiosity and strong desire to learn and improve
  • Social skills, being able to act as a facilitator, can balance enabling others with individual contributions
  • Time management and asynchronous communication skills relevant for a remote-first engineering organization
  • Enthusiasm and ability to work collaboratively within a team
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Adherence to our core engineering principles of Aligned Autonomy, Psychological Safety and Continuous Improvement
  • Join a specially formed, highly skilled team delivering an innovative & intelligent product! Forming part of a multi-disciplinary agile team of Software Engineers, DevSecOps Engineers, Data Scientists, QA Engineer and a Product Owner, you will look to work closely to the fundamental principles of continuous delivery and empowered, high-performing teams
  • If you are looking to work on a smart solution, collaborate with astute engineers and deliver high caliber code with an autonomous & performance focused approach that supports success, delivery & quality, then this is for you
  • As a Senior DevSecOps Engineer you and your team will build highly distributed, real-time, dynamically scaling systems using modern CI/CD pipelines & cloud infrastructure. You will be responsible for innovating, architecting, delivering & maintaining an industry-revolutionising product
  • You will be an expert practitioner, with a detailed understanding of infrastructure-as-code, operating systems, cloud-infrastructure management, observability and other industry best-practices, particularly around continuous delivery
  • You are also a leader, helping to advocate good practices beyond the immediate team, with excellent communication skills and empathy required to mentor engineers from multiple disciplines
  • We will lean on your technical expertise and your pragmatic approach to problem solving; working in a team that prioritises the principles of Agile delivery and continuous improvement. You will have a Data-driven, evidence-based mentality, comfortable with the principles of continuous experimentation and validation
  • You will be responsible for securing cloud-hosted systems and ensuring security checks are made on new code entering production environments, as well as advocating for the maintenance and development of the observability stack for production services. Additionally, you will place a close focus on the measurement of productivity signals, such as cycle time and deployment frequency. You will champion the maintenance and evolution of the team's technical documentation (guides, runbooks, RCA / post-mortems, etc.)
  • As a Senior DevSecOps Engineer you will excel at seeing beyond the immediate spec, developing a forward-looking, efficient solution that balances capability with the need to build in measured increments. Mentoring, encouraging curiosity, demonstrating high levels of ownership and thinking about the bigger picture are important at the Senior level
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