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Analytical Chemist
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Sparks, NV, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
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  • Redwood is looking for an Analytical Chemist with broad experience in R&D laboratory and pilot operations and tasks
  • The key objective for this role is fulfilling the daily activities of our Process Development and Chemical Engineering teams in a responsible, safe, and practical manner while maximizing time and cost effectiveness
  • Successful candidates for this role will have strong initiative, excellent organizational skills, and exceptional team skills
  • Work in an R&D and analytical laboratory setting in a safe, sustainable, and cooperative manner
  • Develop methods for and run key instrumentation for metallurgical process development, including ICP-OES, ISE, titrations, etc
  • Design, build, and operate experiments in corporation with our process development engineers and technicians
  • Becomes quickly familiarized with metallurgical testing and key processes/unit operations
  • Ability to be adaptable and take on new scientific challenges in a fast-paced environment
  • Record, interpret, and report results clearly and concisely
  • Maintain experimental databases
  • Maintain laboratory equipment
  • Work collaboratively with team members to achieve key outcomes set by leadership in exciting new areas of battery recycling chemistry
Desired Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or related field
  • Experience in R&D laboratory settings, especially in metallurgy or mining, including extractive metallurgy and separations
  • Fundamental understanding of common laboratory techniques, like filtration, dilutions, digestions, etc
  • Experience in typical laboratory practices including waste handling, safe work practices, data management, and experimental setup and execution
  • Experience with relevant test methods and instrumentation such as ICP-OES, auto-titration, Particle Size Analysis, FT-IR Spectroscopy, X-Ray Fluorescence, TOC, LECO, etc
  • Adept with data acquisition and analysis tools including Laboratory Information Management Systems and Minitab
Redwood Materials

51-200 employees

Lithium-ion refinement & component manufacturer
Company Overview
Redwood's mission is to build a circular supply chain to power a sustainable world and accelerate the reduction of fossil fuels. The company is localizing a global supply battery chain and producing anode and cathode components in the U.S. for the first time, while also reducing environmental impact, cost, and supply chain risks.