Senior Frontend Engineer



11-50 employees

Open source security advancement through community collaboration


London, UK

Required Skills
UI/UX Design
Data Analysis
  • Experience developing commercial user interfaces using JavaScript & TypeScript for enterprise SaaS products, especially within domains such as cybersecurity, developer tooling, or cloud infrastructure.
  • Experience with contemporary Javascript frameworks and libraries such as NextJS, React, Redux, MobX, and more.
  • Experience with Unit, UI, E2E, and Contract testing techniques
  • Expertise in client-server communication, performance tuning, and optimization principles.
  • Proficient in UX patterns and user behaviors, with familiarity in leading frontend libraries such as AntDesign, MaterialUI, RadixUI, and Tailwind.
  • Understanding of technical limitations across different platforms, such as Desktop vs. Mobile, and the ability to evaluate implementation tradeoffs.
  • Experience with analytics and user behavior tools, including but not limited to FullStory, Heap, and Google Analytics.
  • Develop the web platform's core frontend features while adhering to standards around code quality, security, performance, and scalability, continually refining based on feedback.
  • Expand platform capabilities and develop integrations with 3rd-party systems (billing, notifications, etc.)
  • Contribute to shaping Stacklok’s frontend technical foundation, encompassing architecture, testing strategies, CI/CD processes, and deployment methodologies.
  • Work collaboratively with fellow frontend developers and backend engineers to guide the platform's direction, streamline data interactions, and define technical specifications.
  • Partner closely with product managers and UI/UX designers to transform functional specifications, wireframes, and mock-ups into robust proof-of-concepts and technically sound features.
  • Stay current with emerging front-end technologies and best practices.

Stacklok, a member of the Open Source Security Foundation, is a company with a strong commitment to advancing open source security, leveraging the power of community-centric open source. Its leadership team, comprised of founders from renowned projects like Kubernetes and Sigstore, brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. This, coupled with their collaborative approach to work with both upstream and existing communities, sets Stacklok apart in the competitive landscape.

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Seattle, Washington



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