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Data Scientist
Remote Optional
Posted on 7/18/2022
Chicago, IL, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Science
Data Structures & Algorithms
Google AdWords
  • Your education background and relevant work experience demonstrate a mix of statistical and machine learning skill sets
  • You possess business acumen and curiosity to learn our business operations
  • You have at least 2 years of professional experience working with statistical and machine learning experiments and communicating to the stakeholders with the outcomes
  • You can extract data on your own and prepare the datasets needed for an experiment
  • You feel comfortable working with data that is sometimes incomplete or messy
  • You don't make assumptions about the data yourself. Instead, you are willing to work with others to get a clear understanding of the context around the data
  • You don't limit yourself to how things are done today. You instead focus on the best ways to create value
  • Interviewing business stakeholders to understand the end goals
  • Understanding business problems and nuances of the data before formulating solutions
  • Identifying relevant data sources and outlining statistical or machine learning experiments needed to solve a problem
  • Working with business stakeholders in creating appropriate metrics to measure the outcomes of the experiments
  • Possessing natural curiosity to explore the data and writing complex SQL queries to understand the relationships among data entities
  • Writing efficient and reusable code in Python or R to process large amounts of data and performing data wrangling tasks needed for the experiments
  • Compiling outputs from the experiments and presenting results to the stakeholders in a way that is comprehensible by a non-technical audience
  • Creating data visualizations to tell the story from data and understanding what types of visualizations are appropriate for the audience
  • Seeking opportunities to help predict the outcomes of business decisions and mitigate potential threats to the business based on observable patterns in the data
  • Possessing a thorough understanding of machine learning practices and working with other data science team members to apply machine learning algorithms when needed
  • Understanding behind-the-scenes steps of machine learning algorithms before applying them and seeking help when needed
Desired Qualifications
  • Knowledge of the digital advertising industry (e.g. AdWords, DSPs, ad-serving)
Basis Technologies
Cloud-based workflow automation
Company Overview
Centro's technology platform, Basis, is an advertising solution unifying programmatic buying, workflow automation and business intelligence.