Senior Software Engineer
Autonomy Platform
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1,001-5,000 employees

Automated delivery system for equitable global logistics
Company Overview
Zipline stands out for its commitment to equitable logistics, utilizing advanced robotics and autonomy to operate the world's largest automated delivery system, serving millions globally. The company has demonstrated industry leadership through significant projects such as powering Rwanda's national blood delivery network, Ghana's COVID-19 vaccine distribution, and providing on-demand home delivery for Walmart. With a focus on clean, electric logistics, Zipline not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances accessibility, making it a compelling place to work for those passionate about technology and social impact.
Robotics & Automation

Company Stage

Series F

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San Francisco, California

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

San Bruno, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Software Engineering
  • You've deployed real-time safety-critical systems where runtime and post-mortem analysis were equally supported
  • You bear the battle scars of fighting for deterministic behavior in your software... but think the battles are worth fighting anyway
  • You know all the tricks to wring performance out of your favorite platform's neural network accelerators -- zero copy, quantization, batching, etc
  • You have internalized best practices from working on a codebase with many collaborators, from continuous integration to code review
  • You love digging into all levels of your technology stack, whether it's the build system, the network stack, or the application layer itself
  • You know your way around aligning data between sensors--and why, even with the best of planning, it doesn't always work as expected
  • Proficient in C or C++ and Python
  • Familiar with running the Linux kernel on resource-constrained systems and with real-time requirements
  • Understands what makes code run fast or slow, and how to use multi-core or GPU hardware to make things run fast every time
  • Familiarity with the best way to get data in and out of a computer--and keep track of where it went
  • Work closely with hardware and embedded software teams to make the right design decisions to ensure the highest-quality data can be acquired, with outstanding reliability and a focus on efficiency in time, cost, and effort
  • Hold a relentlessly high bar for quality across a team that tackles a wide domain of software from acoustic signal processing to image capture
  • Set examples of best practices and processes so that algorithm developers have the tools they need to understand and optimize their designs, making sure they're getting the most value out of the hardware onboard
Desired Qualifications
  • points for experience developing device drivers for microprocessor peripherals or familiarity with Rust