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Engineering Manager
Internal Systems
Posted on 6/11/2022
Remote • United States
Experience Level
  • One or more years' experience leading people: hiring, motivating, growing, empowering, and performance managing
  • A history of creating or maintaining great team cultures
  • Experience working on large-scale production systems
  • A hands-on foundation of software development knowledge that allows you to work side by side with your team
  • Skills and knowledge that will establish credibility with your team
  • A passion for sharing that knowledge and helping to raise the bar for everyone you work with
  • The ability to track and drive metrics, and the wisdom to understand what they can and can't tell you
  • A drive to truly understand the needs of your customer, and the ability to translate those into business goals
  • Work on critical development projects, both with occasional direct code contributions and by helping your teammates move faster
  • Help your team make design and architectural decisions to ensure success
  • Anticipate the growth of our service and keep your parts of the service healthy
  • As part of our you-build-it-you-run-it culture, all developers may be responsible for supporting applications in production, including on-call. On call is compensated in addition
  • Help your team understand their mission and how they fit in with the overall business goals
  • Prioritize a roadmap that balances feature delivery, operational health, and bug fixing
  • Define and measure success in your areas
  • Lead your team to deliver while keeping your developers motivated, empowered, growing and happy

201-500 employees

Feature management platform
Company Overview
LaunchDarkly’s mission is to help software teams to innovate faster but with control. The company is building a SaaS platform for developers to manage feature flags which enable teams to accelerate their software deployments while reducing risk.
  • Flexible work environment - Making an inclusive space for everyone means recognizing we all have our own individual working styles and needs.
  • Health and wellness - LaunchDarkly offers full coverage with health, dental, and vision plans for you and your dependents.
  • Salary and options - We're all in this together. LaunchDarkly offers competitive pay, equity, and the option to participate in a 401(k) program.
  • Learn and grow - We love to see our own continue to grow their skill sets—whether that's taking a class or attending a conference.
Company Values
  • Respect and integrity for our team, our customers, and our community.
  • We believe in teams, not fiefdoms. Leaders, not tyrants.
  • We're building a place where you can learn and grow.
  • Work is not life.