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Technical Program Management: Internship Opportunities for MBA Graduates
Posted on 10/27/2022
Redmond, WA, USA • Bellevue, WA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Market Research
  • Currently pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) with at least one quarter/semester remaining to complete after internship
  • Assists others in identifying opportunities and gaps in the implementation of a feature (e.g., product, service), including comparison of various quality and performance metrics to various solutions
  • Helps perform market research in collaboration with other teams and examine customer and technology-related industry trends, as well as industry-specific requirements or regulations. Integrates product usage, product telemetry, and service data together to identify patterns, generate hypotheses, and help inform a plan to change the product, with oversight from others
  • Learns what the success criteria and performance metrics (e.g., Objectives and Key Results [OKRs], Key Performance Indicators [KPIs] such as quality and performance) of a single feature (e.g., product, service) are and how to execute against them. Works with Software and Hardware Engineering to ensure needed telemetry is developed. Understands the return on investment
  • Works with a feature crew and assists others to orchestrate and integrate efforts for the development and implementation process of a feature (e.g., product, services) for cross functional projects with internal teams and external partners
Desired Qualifications
  • A bachelor's or master's degree in engineering, computer science or related field and/or 3-5 years related experience in relevant fields eg: engineering, business, marketing, information technology, operations, finance
  • A year or two of experience programming in C++, Java or other computer programming languages preferred
  • Some experience building software beyond the classroom environment like an internship or related experience for customers strongly preferred

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