Senior Research Scientist
Blood Cell Biology
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Blood test cancer detection biotech company
Company Overview
Freenome's mission is to empower everyone to prevent, detect, and treat disease by developing high-quality diagnostic tests. The developing next-generation blood tests powered by their multiomics platform to discover the body’s earliest warning signs of cancer, and develop accessible tests to detect cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages.
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South San Francisco, California

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San Bruno, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Lab & Research
Biology & Biotech
  • Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent industry experience in blood physiology, hematology, blood biochemistry, immunology, cell biology, or a related field
  • In-depth knowledge of the proteome and/or transcriptome of any of the following blood fractions: platelet, RBC or neutrophils
  • Demonstrated expertise on functional characterization of platelets, neutrophils or RBCs
  • Practical experience with genomics and/or proteomic profiling methods on blood cells
  • Extensive hands-on experience using differential centrifugation, density gradient centrifugation, MACS or FACS workflows for the depletion, enrichment or isolation of blood cells, e.g., platelets, RBCs and neutrophils
  • Deep understanding of analytical techniques for blood cell characterization at molecular and cellular levels, e.g., flow cytometry, microscopy, qPCR
  • Excellent creative thinking, scientific problem-solving, and communication skills and demonstrated ability to collaborate with others in the same and adjacent disciplines
  • List the job responsibilities that are important and impactful for this role
  • Apply fundamental understanding of platelet, RBC and neutrophil biology to develop assays for characterizing cellular content in blood and plasma samples
  • Design and prototype blood cell-based sample QC assays for cell-free biomarker discovery studies
  • Collaborate with Computational Research teams to integrate blood cell-based QC assay readout into cell-free DNA or protein assay models to improve test performance
  • Design and execute studies to evaluate the impact of preanalytical variables (including sample collection, shipping, and storage conditions) on blood cell stability in a variety of sample collection devices
  • Identify, evaluate and/or prototype new technologies for blood cell stabilization
  • Establish scalable method for blood cell depletion, enrichment or fractionation
  • Collaborate with Genomics and Proteomics teams to rapidly iterate on functional testing and improve on blood cell stabilization and isolation workflows
  • Identify, evaluate or develop novel blood cell-based biomarker research technologies and incorporate them into Freenome's discovery platform
Desired Qualifications
  • Baseline knowledge of blood cell-free fractions and analytes (e.g., plasma, cfDNA, cfRNA, EVs, lipoproteins)
  • Familiarity with the stability profile of a diverse set of blood analytes, including cells, DNA, RNA, proteins
  • Broad knowledge of common cell preservatives and fixatives and familiarity with their mechanisms of action
  • Broad knowledge of immunoassays, including western blotting, ELISA,, MSD, or Luminex
  • Practical experience with primary blood cell culture and aseptic technique
  • Experience mentoring and training research associates and junior scientists
  • Prior experience with blood-based biomarker research