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Data Engineer
Posted on 5/2/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Apache Spark
Data Science
Google Cloud Platform
  • 3+ years experience performing data engineering operations to fulfill business needs
  • Strong experience with cloud-based data infrastructures (AWS and GCP) and IaC tools like Terraform and/or CloudFormation
  • Strong experience with SQL and relational databases, query authoring as well as working familiarity with a variety of (Cloud) databases and parquet format
  • Experience with big data tools like Spark, Kafka and Google Pub/Sub
  • Experience with Data pipeline tools like Airflow and dashboarding tools like Tableau
  • Programming experience with Python (and/or Java) and programming tools like Git
  • Deeply technical, passionate, and analytical about what the insights data can deliver
  • Process oriented and driven, knowing you can't accelerate at scale without continuously improving processes
  • Familiar with supporting different types of stakeholders and working with cross-functional teams in a dynamic environment
  • A strong communicator in English, both written and oral. You've applied those skills for technical and business audiences in the form of documentation and requirements
  • Experienced at identifying, prioritizing, and getting buy-in for data opportunities within a large organization
  • Continuously evolve our self-service data platform into a production-ready data infrastructure for our business' data products
  • Manage, provide support and use self-serve extraction and transformation tools to enable data product owners to drive business value
  • Manage and build cloud infrastructure technology to deliver value for the business and elevate data security
  • Collaborate and support stakeholders (in Finance, Marketing, Product, Sales, ) to identify and plan new requirements for our data platform and data products
  • Within your first month, you will familiarize yourself with the team and the vision for the data platform. Get to know the self-serve data platform by diving into the architecture, existing pipelines, data extraction and preparation tools, and stakeholders dependent on the platform
  • Within your third month, you will be fluent in defining the needs for new data sources by discussing the requirements with the business owner, fast to import the data in the data lake through extraction and transformation tools, and innovating in the process and supporting users in their adoption and use of the data platform. You will help to implement the future of the Data Mesh Framework within Collibra
  • Within your sixth month, you will be popular with data teams across the company as they benefit from the end-to-end solution you designed and implemented, the data they consume, the self-serve tools added on top of the data platform that facilitates their analysis, and data product delivery
Data intelligence platform