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Staff Software Engineer/Tech Lead - Matching
Posted on 2/1/2022
San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Apache Spark
Data Analysis
Data Science
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Big Data and Machine Learning - Experience in analyzing large datasets and making data-driven decisions
  • Experience using ML to solve real business problems. Relevant domains: Search/Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing
  • Experience with Spark or other ETL/big data processing engines
  • Distributed systems - Experience building and maintaining distributed systems in the cloud (AWS)
  • Demonstrate ability to design, build, monitor, and operate highly scalable data-intensive applications
  • Engineering excellence - Problem-solver; driven by hard problems
  • Show very strong ownership of your team's components and the overall product: nothing is somebody else's problem
  • Passionate about quality, reliability, and maintainability. Advocate for best practices and software patterns in the interest of producing clean, maintainable code
  • Highly gravitated towards automation and reducing manual operations. Advocate for and builds reusable tooling
  • Leadership - Leads by example
  • Experience owning a large problem area with multiple parallel deliverables. Help the team establish right priorities
  • Experience being a Tech Lead for a 7-8 person team
  • Can deal with ambiguity and operate under some uncertainty. Inspire confidence in teammates
  • Strategic thinker. Can create multi-quarter plans and break them down into quarterly deliverables. De-risk the roadmap by thinking ahead, proactively finding and removing roadblocks
  • Servant leader, that focuses on enabling people around them. Practices sponsorship: creates opportunities for teammates to succeed
  • Management aspirations
  • Product and business focus - Accustomed to working closely with a Product Manager and business teams directly to understand requirements and deliver solutions to business needs. Can leverage technology to solve business problems. Motivated by real-life business problems
  • Able to strike a good balance between delivering to business needs and building maintainable software systems
  • Communication and facilitation - Strong communicator. Communicate clearly and proactively across teams and functions. Can represent the team internally, as well as in customer meetings
  • Proven ability to drive effective engineering processes within the team. Past experience of establishing and driving scrum process, support and oncall processes
  • Build strong relationships with teammates and SMEs in other engineering teams
  • Past experience being a Subject Matter Expert, and a go-to person for other teams
  • Lead the transition of the matching algorithm from rule-based to score-based, enabling better performance, extensibility and explainability of matching. By working with the team and a Product Manager, you'll set clear milestones ensuring incremental value delivery. You will handle cross-team dependencies, and ensure good communication and visibility of the team's progress for all the key stakeholders
  • Work with a product manager and key stakeholders in Customer Success to build Data Hub - a control center for sales operators on the customer side helping them understand matching decisions and enabling them to fix data quality issues in a self-serve manner
  • Scale matching to ensure horizontal scalability while maintaining the same or lower cost of infra per user. Ensure high reliability and maintainability of the matching services by focusing on monitoring, tracing, debuggability and incident response
  • Accelerate the team's velocity by suggesting and implementing improvements to the development and support processes in the team. Help create processes, tools, and environment to achieve high productivity for yourself and the rest of the team
  • Through leading by example, establish as a strong partner and a leader and build strong relationships with key people in the team and outside of the team. People want to work with you and follow your lead. Ready to transition or already transitioned into a management role

201-500 employees

Revenue intelligence
Company Overview
People.ai's mission is to help companies accelerate growth, revenue, and innovation. They do this through reliable, unified data and more effective approaches to putting that data into action. They use technology to make business more human.
  • Flexible Work Opportunities
  • Learning Budget
  • Healthcare Package
  • Diversity Groups
  • Unlimited Vacation
Company Values
  • We Take Care of Our People
  • The Customer is Everything
  • End-to-End Ownership
  • Every Problem Has a Solution
  • “Very Good” Today Is Better Than “Perfect” Tomorrow
  • Disagree and Commit
  • Radical Transparency
  • We are Data-Driven