Marathon Lighting Artist
Updated on 5/25/2023
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Unreal Engine
  • Strong understanding and sense in lighting, shadow, and color to create a visually engaging piece
  • Ability to follow and adapt to a wide range of design references to achieve lighting expectations
  • Experience in lighting characters and environments, interior & exterior, different times of day, etc. With various lighting techniques and tools
  • Understanding of composition and the ability to enhance mood through lighting
  • Experience with materials/shaders and an understanding of their relationship with light
  • Competent 3d modeling / texturing skills (ie. light fixtures / practical support for light sources)
  • Wide understanding of lighting/rendering technologies
  • Strong organizational and communication skills
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative environment, taking direction from Art Director/Leads, and working with others on problem-solving
  • Develop and maintain lighting in our games in a manner that is consistent with Art Direction
  • Drive lighting for game worlds, dynamic/scripted lighting, character, and hard surface object light rigs
  • Work with the tools and engine departments to prototype and test new lighting technology
  • Work with Design stakeholders to ensure gameplay needs are met
  • Stay informed on new developments in rendering, particularly about lighting, atmosphere, and surfaces
  • Provide constructive feedback to production artists who are working on lighting-related tasks
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4, 5, Unity3D or other modern development toolsets
  • Experience with and passion for game

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