Security Operations Engineer
Posted on 3/3/2023
Experience Level
  • 3 years+ security emergency response experience
  • Experienced in intrusion detection, event tracing and log analysis. Familiar with common attack and protection methods, deep understanding of the principles, utilisation methods and solutions of common security vulnerabilities
  • Experienced in malicious feature extraction ability, familiar with Yara rules, have TTP analysis
  • Strong security techniques research ability to lead teams quickly iterate to new technology means or solutions
  • Familiar with EDR, HIDS solutions
  • Big data development foundation, familiar with Hadoop , Splunk, Elasticsearch, etc
  • Deep understanding of security operations: border defence, internal threats, risk management, etc
  • High stress handling ability, adapt to high-intensity work, have good communication ability
  • Handle 7 × 24 hour security incident response
  • Formulation and implementation of security response plan and security assurance for the whole life cycle of the company system
  • Vulnerability management; anti-phishing tasks

1,001-5,000 employees

Largest cryptocurrency exchange
Company Overview
Binance is committed to furthering the freedom of money; its products, services, and internal processes all have freedom baked in them. Binance seeks to empower other organizations through open platforms and infrastructure that support them in building great products.
  • Competitive salary
  • Option to be paid in crypto
  • Health insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote work for many roles
  • Company sponsored holidays
  • Learning and development programs
  • Free language classes
  • Relocation support
  • International transfers mid-career
Company Core Values
  • User-Focused - We protect our users by putting our users' needs first and delivering quality service
  • Freedom - We execute responsibly and autonomously. We empower those around us.
  • Collaboration - We communicate openly. We work as a team towards shared goals to build the ecosystem together.
  • Hardcore - We are results driven. We get things done. When we fail, we learn fast, and pick ourselves up.
  • Integrity - We are accountable for our actions. When we make mistakes, we fix them. We always act ethically. We never punch down.