Senior Scientist I


Posted on 5/15/2024



201-500 employees

Develops muscle function drugs for diseases


Compensation Overview

$128k - $156kAnnually


San Bruno, CA, USA

Required Skills
Data Analysis
  • PhD in biophysics, biochemistry or a related scientific discipline with 5+ years of impactful experience in the pharmaceutical / biotechnology industry
  • Highly skilled in quantifying the affinity and kinetics of molecular interactions between proteins, ligands & biomolecules by SPR, ITC, MST, BLI
  • Hands-on experience in operating and maintaining the performance of biophysical assay platforms from Cytiva (eg, Biacore T200, 8K+) or NanoTemper (eg, Dianthus, Monolith) or Sartorius (eg, Octet)
  • Expertise in assessing aggregation, sizing and thermal stability of proteins expressed by a variety of mammalian & non-mammalian systems and an understanding of the development of fluorescence-based binding assays for profiling small molecules
  • Well-versed in experiment design with ability to analyze and interpret complex kinetic and mechanistic data
  • Strong background in molecular biology with experience purifying native or recombinant proteins of interest, including membrane proteins and multiprotein complexes
  • Highly-organized and productive with excellent analytical, problem-solving & communication skills coupled with an ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in multiple disciplines including structural biology and chemistry
  • Develop and execute label-free biophysical and biochemical assays to enable characterization of molecular interactions between proteins, ligands, DNA & other biomolecules
  • Collaborate with structural biologists and assay developers to define protein construct strategies and implement reagent generation plans
  • Characterize the affinity and kinetics of interactions between endogenous & synthetic ligands and their putative binding pockets on challenging drug targets, including membrane proteins and multiprotein complexes involved in signal transduction
  • Elucidate molecular mechanisms of enzymes and their functionally-relevant interactions with substrates, co-factors & pharmacological modulators
  • Conduct fragment screening campaigns and facilitate the rational design of therapeutic agents by advancing the understanding of structure-activity relationships of novel chemical series
  • Maximize productivity and throughput by streamlining biophysical assay processes & workflows and by leveraging the capabilities of automated instrumentation and liquid-handlers
  • Contribute to the optimization of an informatics system for registering biophysical data & results in internal databases
  • Document accurate records of experimental procedures, results, data analysis & interpretation and present findings to cross-functional project teams and research leadership
  • Maintain current knowledge of advances in biophysical & label-free techniques and contribute to the identification, evaluation & implementation of new enabling technologies and methodologies

Cytokinetics is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing small molecule muscle activators and inhibitors to address impaired muscle function in conditions such as heart failure, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and neuromuscular diseases. The company's main technologies involve engineering drug candidates to impact muscle function and contractility, with the goal of discovering, developing, and commercializing potential treatments for debilitating diseases.

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South San Francisco, California



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