Staff Devops Engineer
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51-200 employees

Creative marketing and entertainment production agency
Company Overview
gnet agency stands out as a leading creative marketing and entertainment production company, recognized for its award-winning work. The company's culture fosters creativity and collaboration, while its competitive advantage lies in its unique ActBlue Express Lane toolset, which has successfully garnered over 14 million Democratic donors, facilitating seamless transactions and boosting conversion rates. This technical prowess, combined with their industry leadership, makes gnet an attractive workplace for those seeking to excel in a dynamic and technologically advanced environment.

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Somerville, Massachusetts

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Remote in USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
DevOps & Infrastructure
  • 7+ years of experience as a Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer or SRE
  • Experience in infrastructure as code (Terraform, Flux, Jenkins, Github Actions)
  • Fluency in AWS-hosted resources such as EC2, EKS, S3, RDS, VPC, Route 53, CloudTrail, IAM, Secrets Manager, and Simple Queue Service
  • Experience in system-level improvements related to infrastructure
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other engineers
  • Understanding and desire to co-create systems that help build psychological safety on the team
  • Work with external stakeholders to identify business requirements and create quarterly roadmaps
  • Use infrastructure as code for coding and building
  • Utilize unit and system-level validation for testing and packaging
  • Be cost-focused for operations
  • Fine-tune observability for monitoring
  • Extend mission-critical infrastructure in AWS to produce an elastically scalable, self-healing environment
  • Be part of an on-call rotation and respond immediately and effectively to alarms
  • Learn from alerts and continuously improve infrastructure and/or monitoring
  • Build visualizations of infrastructure performance and recommend improvements
  • Analyze infrastructure configurations and ensure they meet industry standards for attestation
  • Break down silos by working collaboratively with peers in different teams, groups, and organizations
  • Make decisions that have broad organization-wide impacts, taking into account all dependencies
  • Operate autonomously with strategic support from managers and leaders to ensure alignment with organizational priorities
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience in 'everything as code' (infrastructure, configuration, policy, monitoring)
  • Experience in leveraging technical expertise to empower, teach, and build systems of support for others
  • Experience in recommending system-level improvements related to infrastructure and acting as a go-to consultant for other team engineers
  • Fluency in moving between design and implementation
  • A track record of effective collaboration with other engineers to develop abstractions and patterns for reliable infrastructure
  • An understanding and desire to co-create systems that help build psychological safety on the team