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Oso Security

51-200 employees

Service for building and managing application authorization
Company Overview
Oso is a leading company in the field of authorization as a service, providing robust and flexible solutions that have been praised for their intuitive model, superior developer experience, and powerful capabilities. The company's solutions have proven to significantly reduce the time it takes to add new roles and permissions, resolving a common source of bugs and confusion, and enabling faster progress. Furthermore, Oso's team is highly responsive and supportive, ensuring a smooth integration process for clients, and the company's commitment to providing just the right amount of 'magic' in their solutions sets them apart in the industry.

Company Stage

Series B

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New York, New York

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
IT & Security
  • You have experience as a professional developer working in more than one programming language
  • You can create clear and creative technical writing, and you can demonstrate this by sharing long-form writing samples upon request
  • You have worked at a startup or in a similar environment
  • A plus for those who have built authorization systems before (and who have lived to tell the tale)
  • You have a track record of delivering great technical talks at small or large conferences, meetups, hackathons or similar
  • You're an owner. You are accountable to results over the process. You prioritize the team's success over the success of any one project
  • You ship, listen, ship, listen. You're happy to explore product ideas through design, hacks and guides before building something fully baked. You have no problem throwing away ideas and code if they don't pan out. You get satisfaction from getting concrete output into users' hands
  • You're for the makers. You want to understand our end users' world and prioritize solving their authorization problems above everything else, including your own personal preferences and the elegance of the solution
  • You give and take feedback. You seek out critical feedback. You have the courage to give critical feedback to others
  • Educate the world on authorization. This is a new topic for many engineers and building authorization services becomes more challenges as applications get more complex. The developer community needs your guidance on the best approaches to take and the challenges to anticipate. At Oso you'll become that expert and engage with our users at conferences, meetups and virtual events to help them navigate these challenging problems
  • Help developers discover Oso. Get the word out on Oso, inspire users and help them adopt it with demos and sample apps, blog posts, tutorials, and videos, plus talks at meetups, conferences and on podcasts
  • Be a strong supportive force in the developer community: You are helpful and supportive by nature, and get energy from helping developers solve problems. You'll engage with users through various channels (e.g., Slack) to help them with their problems. Capture feedback and feed it back to our engineers