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Sr. Software Engineer - Package Building
Posted on 4/1/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Operating Systems
  • Team attitude: I am not done, until WE are done
  • Embody our core values: Ability & Humility Innovation & Action Empathy & Connection
  • Care deeply about fostering an environment where people of all backgrounds and experiences can flourish
  • 8 plus years of development experience
  • Strong Communications skills
  • Strong experience in C, C++ and able to dive into source code in order to build and detect dependencies / create patches, etc
  • Values sharing information with others to help the team and department continue to grow in learnings/innovation, while also encouraging other team members to do the same
  • Strong experience with different operating systems: Windows in particular
  • Strong knowledge of build tools: Cmake, make, automake, GCC. etc
  • Ability to work across teams to design, architect, and implement pragmatic solution
  • Able to fix bugs in software written in a range of languages and contribute fixes to the upstream projects
  • Strong experience Git or other version control software
  • Persistent drive to improve workflows and make things better
  • Proficient in troubleshooting complex problems and coming up with alternative solutions
  • Have mentored others in technical areas and/or coordinate with other members on their tasks that map to the team/department goals (i.e. set the direction)
  • Have experience with software development management tools such as Jira, etc
  • Be a key member of the Anaconda Distribution team building packages for Anaconda and the Conda ecosystem
  • Attend daily Agile meetings, demos, etc
  • Create and update advanced conda recipes used to build conda packages
  • Build, test and release conda packages
  • Make each day count: Identify repetitive manual tasks and find solutions to automate them
  • Answer/resolve issues on the anaconda mailing lists
  • Answer/resolve issues on the anaconda-issues github repository
  • Work on a distributed team
Desired Qualifications
  • Relevant programming experience with Python
  • Experience in using the R Programming Language
  • Builds strong relationships with other open source package maintainers
  • Solid knowledge and experience on package-building
  • Contributed to open source. Bonus if you are a maintainer of an open source project
  • Experience with CI/CD
Open-source data platform for Python
Company Overview
Anaconda is the most trusted Python data science platform with more than 15 million users and 150+ enterprise customers.