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Site Reliability Engineering Manager
HC Core
Posted on 2/23/2023
Remote • New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
  • 2-4 years of experience managing a small team of 3-5
  • Experience administering and deploying development CI/CD tools such as TeamCity, Jenkins
  • Experience writing simple, readable, useful code for operational tooling
  • Experience working with cloud infrastructure (e.g. AWS, Azure or GCP)
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver high-quality, on-time solutions that are reliable, scalable and maintainable
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work effectively across multiple business and engineering teams
  • Seek simple approaches to complex solutions
  • Develop processes to build, test and deploy code to support continuous delivery
  • Automate application deployment with configuration management tools
  • Strive to continuously reduce technical debt of the systems your team supports
  • Translate loosely defined requirements into solution
  • Participate in architecture and software development design activities
  • Work with other engineering leaders to prioritize implementing common patterns across teams
  • Serve as a partner to other engineering leaders and Product to build a sustainable and achievable roadmap supporting business objectives
Flatiron Health

1,001-5,000 employees

Improving healthcare by learning from the experience of cancer patients
Company Overview
Flatiron seeks to identify and solve problems that drive work that moves the needle for customers and patients. In short, they seek to learn and improve cancer research from each patient.
  • Work/life autonomy via flexible work hours and flexible paid time off
  • Generous parental leave (16 weeks for either parent)
  • Transition back to work program following parental leave
  • Child and caregiver travel benefits for new parents
  • Backup child care
  • Weekly meditation sessions
  • Flatiron-sponsored fitness classes
  • Weekly massages and manicures available onsite (employee funded)
Company Core Values
  • Solve problems that matter
  • Be kind
  • Start with why
  • Think yes before no
  • Focus on your customer
  • Seek feedback at 30%
  • Be willing to sit on the floor
  • Know when to startup and when to scale
  • Learn, teach and grow
  • Do the right thing