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Propulsion Build Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • BS in engineering or physics
  • Hands-on welding/machining/forming/assembly experience
  • Experience in taking a product through a full development cycle from concept to delivery
  • 2+ years of product lifecycle development experience
  • Extracurricular and/or project experience, such as rocketry, FSAE, Baja SAE, car restoration, robotics, etc
  • Design and build experience creating metallic structures using forming, machining, and welding processes
  • 1. Critical thinking: ABL engineers understand the "why" behind all design decisions, operational events and test outcomes
  • 2. Curiosity: ABL engineers aren't expected to follow a list of tasks. They're expected to think of the problems they are solving in new, unique ways that improve quality, efficiency, and economics
  • 3. Effective communication skills: Emails, meetings, presentations, and documentation must be neat, clear, and concise
  • 4. End-to-end ownership: Projects are delivered fully complete and ready for flight; there is no one to pick up the slack of partially complete work
  • Turn CAD designs into physical, reliable, launchable spaceflight hardware
  • Develop and implement repeatable and efficient forming, machining, and welding processes
  • Advise design and analysis engineers on designing for manufacturability for prototyping and production
  • Design and develop tooling, fixtures, jigs, and test equipment
  • Run development, qualification and acceptance test campaigns
  • Set up internal and external manufacturing teams for success by developing robust procurement, build, inspection, and acceptance processes and procedures
ABL Space Systems

201-500 employees

Rockets for small satellite launches
Company Overview
ABL Space Systems was founded in 2017 by veterans of SpaceX and Morgan Stanley to develop low-cost launch vehicles for the small satellite industry. More importantly, they're building a launch system they are truly proud of – no gimmicks or over-design, just reliable, rapidly deployable launches.