Senior Security Engineer


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Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs

11-50 employees

Develops software for scalable money transfers

Financial Services
Crypto & Web3


Palo Alto, CA, USA

Required Skills
  • At least 5 years prior experience in systems security
  • Extensive knowledge of operating system and computer architecture internals
  • Strong understanding of cryptography, protocol design, and adversarial analysis
  • Experience in reverse engineering and exploiting cryptographic protocol systems
  • Extensive expertise in Go, Rust, C/C++, and/or Java
  • Experience in security incident response
  • Experience in security code review and vulnerability triaging
  • Prior experience running an open-source facing bug bounty program
  • 2+ years management experience or experience as a senior decision-maker
  • Experience working with remote teams
  • Experience working with Kubernetes and AWS infrastructure
  • Working knowledge of fundamental Bitcoin and Lightning design principles
  • Designing and deploying active fuzzing, black+white box testing, and penetration testing infrastructure for open source and production systems
  • Performing security audits and review of internal production systems and open-source software interacting with Bitcoin and Lightning
  • Providing mentorship and guidance to teammates
  • Creating global security policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures
  • Overseeing security aspects of software release processes and infrastructure
  • Determining security team requirements for future growth
  • Developing and ensuring responsiveness of security incident management processes
  • Performing risk management assessments

Lightning Labs offers a dynamic workplace environment at the forefront of digital financial technology, specializing in the development of software that fuels the Lightning Network. This role in advancing open-source, secure, and scalable payment systems for Bitcoin transactions empowers businesses and individuals worldwide, fostering an atmosphere of innovation and technical excellence. The company provides essential tools and interfaces, such as the Lightning Terminal, which streamline the operations of node operators and contribute to the ecosystem's growth and efficiency.

Company Stage

Series B

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San Francisco, California



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