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Account Supervisor
Posted on 2/1/2022
New York, NY, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • 4-6 years experience in an Account Manager position
  • Is passionate, entrepreneurial, inquisitive, driven and solutions oriented
  • Is confident in dealing directly with smart, demanding clients on a day to day basis
  • Has a hands-on understanding of production and delivery of TV, print, OOH and digital campaign assets
  • Has a passion to make amazing work that pushes boundaries of creative excellence, whilst delivering solutions to strategic business problems
  • Can collaborate and guide the strategic goals of the agency and client's business
  • Can maintain a calm demeanour in the face of a challenge, will shift focus or direction on a dime and juggle multiple projects at a time
  • Is a problem solver, when faced with something they have not done before will be entrepreneurial to get to solutions
  • Has the ability to manage clients effectively through issues, knowing when and how to bring in senior leaders
  • Has great attention to detail, is a safe pair of hands, and is willing to go over and above to deliver great, effective work and keep clients happy
  • Is insatiably curious, defines business challenges and strives to be a category expert
  • Is a great communicator and motivator to drive projects along
  • Manages their workflow efficiently and takes responsibility for delivering on time
  • Has ambition to develop professionally and establish a career at the agency
  • Account Management & Strategy: Understands the creation and exposition of great strategy
  • Aware of clients' business objectives and priorities
  • Understands clients' competitive set Works with strategists on briefs and contributes to briefing process
  • Actively contributes to the strategic process; has an ability to apply strategy and impact how it translates in the creative work
  • Understands research methodologies/data and the role they play in the creative process
  • Understands the role of channel planning and the role of media partners and third parties to contribute to a wider campaign strategy
  • Managing the development of all client communications and presentations
  • Creativity: Supports an environment for big, bold and iconic ideas to flourish
  • Has a broad frame of reference beyond industry to help stimulate teams
  • Demonstrates & articulates creative understanding and shares their POV on the work
  • Shows creative judgement at all stages of the process
  • Manages feedback & approvals
  • Understands how ideas can travel across media
  • Presents creative, listens and understands feedback
  • Knows and communicates issues relating to regulation and manages regulatory process and relationships
  • Manages, not traffics feedback from different stakeholders
  • Seen as a partner and champion by their creative teams
  • Highly successful in handling tricky conversations with clients and creative teams for work they are leading
  • Agility: Delivers against plans in an agile way and navigates or escalates problems where appropriate
  • Understands the project roadmap and helps team deliver against it to the highest possible standards
  • Provides energy and glue to the process, leading other departments & stakeholders to work together
  • Foresees issues, remains calm when plans change, & provides solutions/options for revised course of action
  • Communicates information, expectations & actions effectively between all parties through a project
  • Manages their own time and expectations of others
  • Consistently delivers projects with autonomy and confidence
  • Shows acute understanding of the process and knows when to manage up to discipline leads
  • Production: Manages different types of production to help deliver high quality work in all channels
  • Works with producers, production partners & third parties (i.e. bloggers, influencers, platform / media owners) to deliver projects across all media A desire to learn & develop a breadth of experience across media & techniques
  • Can understand and articulate appropriate production choices within context of a project
  • Helps make it happen and is able to work at the speed necessary to deliver always-on/high quality content
  • Respects the craft and maintains highest possible standards for everything we make
  • Maintains a calm and controlled atmosphere on shoots
  • Can expertly navigate the production areas they are delivering on
  • Flawless production and project management oversight, being the process expert on the team always upholding the quality of the work
  • Collaborating with the Finance team and Project Managers, helping to develop financial acumen in the interest of both the agency and the client, tracking and monitoring resources, workload capacity and budgets to make sure projects stay on track
  • Finances: Pro-active management of account finances and production budgets
  • Strong relationship with finance dept-Interrogates estimates & payments to ensure tight cost control
  • Manages finance tracker and effective at managing costs with clients
  • Awareness of big picture finances (income, profit, scope & contract)
  • Understands how actions influence delivery of income & profit targets and acts accordingly
  • Actions and supports opportunities for additional revenue
  • Understands appropriate resources and use of agency time for client fee
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