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Destiny Environment Artist – Senior to Staff
Multiple Openings
Posted on 1/5/2023
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Adobe Photoshop
  • Extensive experience in crafting environments that support engaging gameplay
  • Experience in managing / helping to manage production timelines and avoid development pitfalls
  • Strong interpersonal skills; efficient communication, strong collaboration and an ability to nurture the developing talent on your team
  • Robust understanding of light, value, composition, color, staging and detail in environmental design
  • Strong sense of scale and spatial awareness
  • Understanding of how the environment affects game play
  • High level of proficiency in contemporary game dev software (Photoshop, Maya, Max, Zbrush, Substance Designer, and other 2D/3D applications)
  • Professional experience working with current generation game engine / pipelines
  • Experience in a collaborative game development environment crafting playable space
  • Responsible time management skills
  • A strong interest for games and creating gaming environments
  • Leverage your experience creating environments to help elevate the work of your fellow environment artists
  • Engage in the design of our destinations at high level to ensure we are developing rich worlds to support our narrative and gameplay aspirations
  • Mentor your fellow artists; help to inspire and provide visual, technical and experiential feedback
  • Contribute ideas on how to engage and delight our players through how they experience the worlds and environments of Destiny
  • Translate approved concept art into 3D elements of gameplay and cinematic spaces
  • Work closely with activity and narrative designs to build world geometry from rough massouts to highly polished, engaging gameplay spaces
  • Assemble spaces using a combination of pre-existing modular kit pieces and bespoke, custom set pieces (including associated modeling, uv and shader work, technical setup, etc)
  • Work closely with our lighting artists to build environments and lighting that support the intended player experience
  • Polish gameplay environments with tasteful creation and deployment placement of set dressing, decals, devices and dynamic objects, etc
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience crafting worlds for FPS gameplay
  • Experience managing people / teams / production schedules

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