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Sr Cyber Security Engineer (Remote Optional)
Posted on 4/7/2022
Chicago, IL, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
  • 5+ years of information security applications and systems experience
  • Practical knowledge of NIST CSF framework, CIS 18 Controls, Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and other application security frameworks and standards
  • Practical understanding of fundamental application security building blocks such as: authentication, authorization, data validation, encryption, exception handling and logging
  • Practical understanding of leading cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP or Azure; their inherent security risks, and relevant security controls
  • Proven track record and experience in performing software security assessments including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, device hardening with a deep understanding in network, system and web application attacks and mitigation techniques
  • Experience with DevOps practices to ensure that security is considered and integrated into the build, test, and deploy cycle
  • Experience working with Engineering, IT, and Business organizations
  • Applying subject level expertise to development of holistic, companywide approach to cyber security defense based on risk factors and work with the stakeholders on the implementation
  • Working with Engineering and IT teams to implement new security technologies and processes, including the evaluation and recommendation of security controls, mitigation strategies and tools
  • Assisting the Engineering and IT teams in the interpretation and remediation of results of penetration testing and vulnerability assessments and common software security weaknesses
  • Providing expert knowledge and guidance to the Engineering and IT teams about security vulnerabilities and applicable remediation paths
  • Conducting regular security assessments, attack surface analysis, 3rd party security vulnerability assessments to verify that security controls have been implemented correctly
  • Researching security vulnerabilities and propose solutions for remediation or mitigation
  • Participating in development and testing of security incident response plan
  • Providing expertise in case of mitigation of zero-days vulnerabilities or IR efforts in case of a security breach
  • Researching and recommend cyber security tools
  • Contributing to the development of product security procedures, standards and guidelines related to product and services security
  • Conducting security research to stay abreast of emerging security threats and industry best practices and advise the organization of potential risks and threat mitigation techniques
  • Acknowledging and embracing diversity of thought and opinion, and approach with Beeps, clients, and vendors, regardless of background, culture, and organizational level. Specific examples include but are not limited to: attending DEI initiatives and trainings and/or participating in self-led learning, commit to continuous improvement by actively working on personal and professional growth and working collaboratively with all team members, clients and vendors to build an inclusive culture
Desired Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree computer or information security
  • Familiarity with Advertising/Marketing
Basis Technologies
Cloud-based workflow automation
Company Overview
Centro's technology platform, Basis, is an advertising solution unifying programmatic buying, workflow automation and business intelligence.