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Senior Developer Advocate
Auth0 by Okta, US Remote
Updated on 3/14/2023
Washington, USA • California, USA • Texas, USA • Georgia, USA • Virginia...
Experience Level
  • Technical background or good understanding of Application Development and IT operations; familiarity with Identity and Authentication Management software, credentialing, and cybersecurity concepts a plus
  • Hands-on technical experience deploying, configuring, or implementing software tools and products
  • You find joy in serving the developer community and helping fellow developers get better at their jobs, with the ability to explain and translate complex technology concepts into simple and intuitive communications
  • You are a strong independent contributor, but you enjoy collaborating with teammates and multi-functional teams
  • You find a fast-paced, constantly iterative environment engaging and stimulating
  • Experience working as a Developer Advocate, Developer Evangelist, Sales Engineer, Solutions Engineer, Technical Customer Success Manager, or Technical Account Manager
  • Experience with at least one authentication or authorization protocol (OAuth, OAuth2, OIDC, SAML, LDAP)
  • Understanding of core security concerns within a typical application (password hashing, SSL/TLS, encryption at rest, XSS, XSRF)
  • Experience building web, mobile, and IoT applications, incorporating both front and back end languages/frameworks
  • Experience working with API architectures/technologies like REST and GraphQL. This includes the ability to use the dev tools in a browser to explain HTTP traffic and an HTTP client (like curl or Postman) to interact with an HTTP service
  • Experience running code sprints or technology workshops
  • Experience working with the startup and/or nonprofit sector(s)
  • Amazing Benefits
  • Making Social Impact
  • Fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Okta
  • Teach developers at startups and nonprofits about identity, access management, and cybersecurity
  • Work with our marketing team to create new and expand existing developer materials for our audience, including demos, videos, workshops, tutorials, white papers, conference presentations, and webinars for a non-technical audience
  • Provide general technical guidance for startup and nonprofit customers and prospects
  • Maintain a broad technical understanding of the Okta Customer Identity Cloud and the underlying technologies and protocols. You do not need to have a deep technical expertise on each product
Okta provides online identity verification solutions.
Company Overview
Okta provides online identity verification solutions.