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Systems Software Intern, Cloud Infrastructure
Posted on 3/8/2022
San Jose, CA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
  • B.S. EE/CE/CS (or equivalent experience), currently pursuing an M.S. in EE/CE/CS
  • Experience in developing software applications in at least two programming languages
  • Solid computer science fundamentals in algorithms/data structures/complexity analyses
  • Understanding of processes, synchronization, locks, concurrency and load-balancing
  • Excellent grasp of distributed systems theory
  • Experience repurposing open-source products and libraries
  • Have prior experience an enterprise engineering environment
  • Be organized and able to identify bottlenecks in processes
  • Have experience in partitioning and optimizing existing interconnected systems
  • Understand filesystems, job-scheduling, and JSON-RPC
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services and other cloud utilities
  • Be highly self-sufficient in the face of ambiguity, with strong reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Be deeply interested in learning disparate concepts and putting them together in innovative new ways
  • You will learn about design, development and delivery of core components of our next-generation VLSI productivity platforms
  • Design, build, deploy and improve highly scalable systems
  • Translate high-level requirements into actionable tasks/deliverables
  • Create and orchestrate microservices as needed to build efficient products
  • Build and maintain the base for a cloud-centric future
  • Convert legacy codebases into modern powerhouses infused with industry best-practices
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to identify and alleviate bottlenecks in their daily tasks

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