Head of Business Development

Universe Energy

Universe Energy

1-10 employees

Automates EV battery reuse for cheaper grid storage

Data & Analytics
Robotics & Automation
AI & Machine Learning


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Required Skills
  • B.Sc. in Physics, engineering, or science study
  • M.Sc. program in business, economics, or finance
  • Experience in crafting go-to-market strategy
  • Deep understanding of the battery, EV OEM, and grid storage supply chain
  • Fluency in English and German
  • Technical understanding of batteries, robotics, and EVs
  • Connect to customers and suppliers to source used batteries from EV OEMs
  • Deliver repurposed batteries to grid storage developers, data centers, microgrids, and commercial buildings
  • Drive sales and partnerships from the first conversation to define pilot contracts
  • Write grant applications, run financial models, and shape regulations to scale battery reuse
  • Operationalize go-to-market strategies by shaping customer profiles and list target accounts
  • Source customer and partnership leads, move customer meetings forward, and negotiate contracts
  • Drive the sales cycle by generating leads, learning customer requirements, delivering value propositions, presenting product proposals, running contract negotiations, and closing deals
  • Write business plans, technology roadmaps, and operational plans for grant applications, and fundraising documents
  • Model financial scenarios, strategic value chains, and business models with pricing
  • Guide conversations in the desired direction in any situation
  • Stay firm, confident, and unrattled in challenging sales outreach, customer presentations, pricing negotiations, and contract closures

Universe Energy is a forward-thinking company that addresses the challenges of battery reuse through automation, machine learning, and robotics, significantly reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Their unique approach not only positions them as a potential leader in the battery manufacturing industry but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for mining and new manufacturing, aiming to prevent 7 Gtons of CO2e emissions. The company's culture fosters technical innovation and environmental responsibility, making it an attractive workplace for those passionate about clean energy solutions.

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Los Angeles, California



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