RF/ EM Research Scientist

HRL Laboratories

HRL Laboratories

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Advancing technology through pioneering physical science research.

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$132,765 - $165,983


Junior, Mid, Senior

Malibu, CA, USA

Required Skills
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  • Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering/Math/Physics or related discipline
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Experience using simulation software (e.g. Ansys HFSS, SIwave, Q2D/Q3D, Maxwell, Cadence ADE, APD, EMX, Clarity 3D, AWR, Sonnet 3D Planar, CST Studio Suite; IdEM, Keysight ADS Momentum, COMSOL AC/DC, RF)
  • Experience using Power Integrity Tools (e.g. Mentor Graphics Hyperlynx PI, Ansys SIwave, CST Studio Suite AC/DC, Cadence Sigrity PowerPI)
  • Experience using Signal Integrity Tools (e.g. Hyperlynx SI, Ansys SIwave, CST Studio Suite RF, Cadence Sigrity PowerSI)
  • Familiar with PCB schematics, layout, design constraints, impedance control, et. al.
  • Simulate electromagnetic performance characteristics of printed circuit boards (PCB) and chip packages
  • Architect, create, and validate broadband SPICE models for large-element count (100+ signals), high-frequency (> 1 GHz), high-dynamic-range (-80dB) linear time-invariant (LTI) signal chains
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to synthesize model requirements
  • Design pre-layout models for initial design-space explorations
  • Import, simulate, and model the resulting device/package/PCB post-layout
  • Deploy strategic techniques to simplify the models while retaining accuracy and minimizing simulation time
  • Generate test plans to validate models and coordinate with test engineers to execute the test plans
  • Validate models against measured results and analyze any deltas as feedback for improving the model

HRL Laboratories, LLC stands out as a leading-edge technology company with a 70-year history of pioneering research and real-world solutions, particularly in ultra-high-performance circuitry, robust computing and communications, automated data extraction, and innovative architected materials. The company's collaborative approach with LLC Member companies, government, commercial and academic institutions has led to groundbreaking advances in technologies that operate in space, on aircraft, in automobiles, and in consumer products, enhancing safety, national security, and quality of life. With a team of leading experts in their fields, HRL offers challenging work and exciting career opportunities in a prime location overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

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