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Posted on 2/21/2024

Magical Tome

Magical Tome

51-200 employees

AI-powered multimedia creation and sharing platform

AI & Machine Learning


San Francisco, CA, USA

  • BS or MS degree in CS, Engineering, AI or related field
  • 6+ years experience in software engineering with a focus on ML infrastructure
  • Strong understanding of deep learning AI/ML frameworks or cloud services
  • Experience with integration of software engineering with large language models
  • Ability to navigate and solve open-ended technological challenges in a fast-evolving AI landscape
  • Excellent collaboration skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Experience leading AI/ML product initiatives is a bonus
  • Publications in applied AI/ML scientific journals is a bonus
  • Experience with open source/vendor solutions in LLM ops space is a bonus
  • Drive large impact on Tome's growth by shipping magical creation experiences
  • Lead the development of ML product development infrastructure
  • Create and maintain a platform for multiple teams working on ML products
  • Collaborate with internal teams to integrate ML solutions
  • Act as a bridge between engineering teams
  • Help build a world-class AI/ML engineering team
  • Address and solve open-ended technological challenges in software engineering

Tome is dedicated to enhancing digital communication by providing a platform that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to empower users in articulating ideas, generating content, and seamlessly creating multimedia elements. The culture at this company prioritizes continuous innovation and maintaining a cutting-edge stance in AI technology, making it an excellent workplace for creative professionals who thrive in dynamic, technologically advanced environments. This focus not just on technology but also on user empowerment sets the company apart in the digital communication sector.

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Series B

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San Francisco, California



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