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Senior Analyst
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Canada • Remote
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Development Operations (DevOps)
  • You have 5+ years of experience in a data analyst, business analyst or equivalent role
  • You're a motivated, self-starter with strong SQL skills and scripting skills (e.g. being able to access/write data using REST APIs), and a passion to be methodical when it comes to data sources and metric definitions
  • You're able to take a business need for measurement, define it in mathematical terms as a metric or visualization, understand the data you'll need to get there, write the correct queries/code to create the data table(s) for it, work with the engineering team to operationalize that data source, and document everything so anyone with similar training as you can understand exactly what's going on and how to take it further
  • To you, documentation isn't about proving your work, but about posterity and ensuring that those who come after you don't have to work as hard as you to figure things out
  • You take pride in building things that outlast your time at an organization
  • You genuinely care about helping people, and think of data not as an end in itself but as a means for the business to make decisions faster. This means that sometimes, time to value is more important than going by the book, and sometimes, that means taking on a bit of tech debt (which we'll give you the time to repay, because we care deeply about creating a solid foundation and doing things right for the long-term)
  • Develop connections with key stakeholders in the product org (POs, data engineering, devops, other analysts, etc.)
  • Understand all the metrics in use and the most urgent ones currently missing / in development
  • Document and create a game-plan, and execute it for all key data sources to be defined and established
  • Establish yourself as an SME on key product data sources and metrics
  • Work with the customer analytics team and product owners to fulfill internal data and analysis requests, provide intelligence on feature launch success and adoption, and help evolve our understanding of product data and its application for decision-making
  • Become familiar with our product data pipelines and help establish and maintain them as needed. This is not a full data engineering role but does need familiarity and willingness to work with ETL tools and to build specs for systems / support you'd need from the platform team

201-500 employees

Conversational customer experience AI software