Research Scientist
Roles across multiple teams
Posted on 3/27/2023
Neo Cybernetica

11-50 employees

AI cybernetics systems
Company Overview
Neo Cybernetica is leveraging numerous breakthroughs in neuroscience to create novel cybernetics technology to push the boundaries of what artificially intelligent systems are capable of achieving both autonomously and in collaboration with humans. The company will remain in stealth mode until their technology sufficiently advances.
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Lab & Research
  • By applying to this role, you will be considered for Research Scientist Positions across all roles at Neo Cybernetica, you will be responsible for doing the impossible
  • You will be working at the bleeding edge of embodied intelligence with a world-class team spanning artificial intelligence, robotics, and simulation. You will be surrounded by experts from diverse backgrounds and work side-by-side to take The Next Step in Artificial Intelligence
  • We believe that modern deep learning systems are amazing tools. Problems of perception and language modeling that were impossible just years ago are now trivial. Foundation models, novel supervision strategies, and multimodal techniques have fundamentally redefined the space of what is possible
  • Our mission is to assemble and extend these technologies into the real world. As an organization, we are engineers first and foremost, but realize that often the most interesting and challenging research arises when theory meets reality. Our research scientists are the tip of the spear - breaking new ground through which the rest of the organization can follow
  • Below are the four current areas that we are focused on:
  • Grounded Generation (3D reconstruction). From text to image to audio data, generative AI has advanced dramatically in the past several years. We believe that the next step in this journey is grounded generation. Specifically the ability to condition generative models on top of structured, explicit data as well as complex objectives such as multi-view spatio-temporal coherence and part deconstruction. We are specifically interested in this problem as it applies to 3D reconstruction
  • The Grounded Generation position is meant for someone with a deep and specific expertise in this subject. Ideally you should have a PhD in a relevant niche and some industry experience - coupled with a deep mathematical background and general AI proficiency
  • Imitation Learning. In a field that is characterized by so many different supervision schemes that it's almost impossible to list them all, imitation learning stands out as a unique field. We believe that there is particular value in learning to replicate unmapped action spaces as chains of differentiable operators
  • The Imitation Learning position is meant for someone with a deep and specific expertise in this subject. Ideally you should have a PhD in a relevant niche and some industry experience - coupled with a deep mathematical background and general AI proficiency
  • Physics-Informed Priors. Most modern foundation models are made with generality in mind. Made to incorporate minimal priors such that the same model can be applied to Atari and yodeling and angst teen journaling. We have a different approach: specifically building our models to function in the real world; where energy is conserved, space-time is coherent, and walls can't be hacked
  • By Physics standards The Physics-Informed Priors position is meant for someone with middling physics and math skills - ideally with a focus on things like non-linear dynamics, elasticity, or statistical mechanics - and strong AI skills. By AI standards, this position is for someone with strong math and physics skills and middling AI skills. No PhD required, but some level of industry experience in or adjacent to AI is expected
  • Communication. If a breakthrough is never cited, was it really a breakthrough? We believe that one of the most important, and under-emphasized aspects of research is its communication with a broader audience. This includes ad-hoc evaluation and analysis on new research and directed requests to communicate complex topics to technical audiences
  • The Communication position is an entry-level position meant for someone that is extremely eager to learn about a broad range of subjects in AI. We don't require any industry experience or a particular depth in any specific subject. Instead communication skills such as writing and art coupled with strong AI fundamentals and a strong desire to learn are the core attributes that will make someone successful in this role
  • We believe that the culture of a research organization is important. There are many different philosophies and approaches to making progress here. Ours is to focus maniacally on multi-disciplinary work and redefining problem statements to take advantage of the flexibility afforded to private industry. These are the core attributes that we look for across all of these roles to ensure success: