Backend Engineer
API and Integrations
Posted on 7/31/2023
Akita Software

1-10 employees

API monitoring and debugging tool for developers
Company Overview
Akita Software stands out as a leader in the tech industry, providing developers with accessible tools for monitoring and observing system behavior, thus enabling the early detection and swift resolution of bugs and issues. The company's recognition as a Gartner Cool Vendor underscores its competitive edge in the market, highlighting its commitment to quality and excellence. The culture at Akita Software fosters technical advancement, with a focus on continuous learning and improvement, making it an ideal workplace for developers seeking growth and challenge.
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San Mateo, California

Growth & Insights

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2 year growth

Experience Level
Desired Skills
UI/UX Design
Software Engineering
  • You're a builder. You love building software systems and have 2+ years of experience building APIs and integrations
  • You're comfortable sharing drafts, getting feedback, and iterating. You have experience working closely with others and changing course based on feedback. You find this way of working fun
  • You're scrappy. You know what it takes to ship high-quality production software, but you're also happy taking judicious shortcuts and even deliberately incurring tech debt to get the job done. You're looking for a fast-moving team that fits the way you work
  • You're versatile. You've gone deep, but you're flexible across your toolbox and are willing to do what it takes to solve a hard problem
  • 2+ years industry software development experience
  • Track record of shipping user-visible features
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to collaborate remotely on tasks that may change scope
  • Ability to prioritize work in a dynamic environment
  • Implemented APIs to support user-visible features
  • Worked with a frontend developer/frontend team
  • Integrated with some external API or service: could be platform APIs like Kubernetes, AWS, Docker or utility APIs like billing, SSO, authorization, user tracking
  • Have used a database backend for these features, or an ORM
  • Go
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker; Kubernetes
  • AWS; Terraform
  • Work with UX and UI teams to define new customer workflows and implement the APIs that support them. Coordinate with backend engineers to understand either how to build new functionality or how to get the desired reports from existing data
  • Build integrations for exporting data or notifications to third-party services such as Slack, GitHub, Grafana, etc. Understand mapping of API concepts across these environments. Build defensively and in a scalable fashion when integrating with or using third-party services
  • Build user settings and customization features: API definition, validation, and database bindings
  • Improve efficiency of database queries
  • Improve response times of common APIs
  • Understand security concerns and handle work required in response to vulnerability scans: upgrading affected components, patch security holes or improve authentication checks, etc
  • College degree
  • Tech lead experience
  • Go, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, or Terraform experience