Principal – Engineer

Generative AI Solution Architect

Posted on 6/5/2024

Samsung Research America

Samsung Research America

501-1,000 employees

Develops advanced technology in multiple domains


Senior, Expert

Mountain View, CA, USA

Required Skills
Data Structures & Algorithms
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Computer Vision
  • BSc, Masters, or PhD in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent combination of education, training, and experience
  • 10+ years of industry experience with strong ML fundamentals
  • Hands-on experience with building Deep Learning applications
  • Proficiency in using ML toolkits, e.g., PyTorch, Tensor flow etc.
  • Strong experiencing in designing end to end AI multiple solutions on device or cloud with productization in market
  • Strong experience in on device AI implementation
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong knowledge of Tensor flow framework and architecture
  • Strong software engineering skills in Python to create scalable and robust infrastructure for deep learning data, modeling, and evaluation systems
  • Proven ability to train and debug deep learning systems: defining metrics and datasets, performing error analysis and training models in a modern ML framework
  • Familiarity with researching current ML literature and math including optimization methods and modeling techniques
  • Strong experience in the transition of a prototype into a final product
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills, be comfortable presenting research to large audiences, and have the ability to work hands-on in multi-functional teams
  • Mentoring team research and co -work across organization for building solutions for Samsung products
  • Architect and design end to end Generative AI products, applications and solutions for specific business needs and provide implementation guidance during delivery
  • Leverage, customize and implement Gen AI models, algorithms, and methodologies to improve the overall quality Gen AI products, applications and systems
  • Analyze and evaluate the performance of Gen AI systems and provide design recommendations
  • Analyze and make right technological choices for generative ai solutions
  • Design and prototype reusable components for LLM based solution patterns
  • Architect components of an LLM solution to address Responsible AI & Security
  • Collaborate seamlessly with diverse, cross-functional teams to accurately identify and prioritize requirements, ensuring that the language model meets the needs and expectations of various stakeholders
  • Create and maintain comprehensive technical documentation that comprehensibly captures the intricate details of the language model, facilitating seamless understanding, efficient troubleshooting, and future development
  • Harness the power of transformer architecture, a cutting-edge deep learning model widely employed in natural language processing and computer vision, to optimize the language model's performance and efficiency
  • Exploiting the transformative capabilities of transformer architectures to seamlessly process and reshape vast volumes of data, empowering the language model to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and versatility
  • Ensure ethical AI development practices, prioritizing fairness, transparency, and privacy

Samsung Research America

Samsung Research America


Samsung Research America specializes in advanced technologies such as next-generation communications, artificial intelligence, digital media, mobile platforms, and digital health. Their innovations include FadeNet, a convolutional neural-network based technology, and the ECG Monitor App, which enables ECG recording using Galaxy Watch for atrial fibrillation screening.

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