Senior Engineering Manager
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51-200 employees

Automated AP and AR platform for SMBs
Company Overview
Plooto is a comprehensive AP and AR platform that offers a unified solution for payments, processes, control, reconciliation, and reporting, thereby enhancing cash flow management and saving time for SMBs. Its competitive edge lies in its ability to automate complex workflows, integrate with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Xero, and facilitate international payments to over 30 countries. Plooto's culture of continuous improvement is evident in its ongoing efforts to expand its AP and AR features, demonstrating its commitment to supporting business growth and financial strategy development.

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Series B

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Toronto, Canada

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Toronto, ON, Canada
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Business & Strategy
  • Everything we do can be traced back to our Leadership Principles. We leave our egos at the door and rolled up our sleeves to get things done. We have an extremely strong product-market fit with an ever-growing customer base. We're backed by an experienced and diverse group of FinTech veterans
  • As a Senior Engineering Manager, you will help build, execute, and communicate Plooto's Engineering Vision. You will help stakeholders to define clear requirements for projects to hit company and team metrics, manage timelines, identify resources, budget, and ensure delivery on commitments. You will work with a group of talented Engineers and Engineering Managers as direct reports. As you lead by example, they will look to you for mentorship and career growth. We will look for you to define, delegate, and track project level work while ensuring visibility to the business. You will successfully lead the architecture and development, deployment, and launch of the company's most complex and critical systems to align with business strategy. As a technical expert you will understand all technical components of our product at a system level and how they interact with other product components. You will also collaborate with Product Managers, and other Engineering teams to provide technical feasibility, specifications, and estimates for project level work, provide other solutions, resolve dependencies, and prevent future technical issues. You are passionate about user experience and have a wealth of experience in front-end design and technologies
  • We are a meritocracy, so you will find that all decisions we make are based on facts, not dispositions. We are also process, performance and data-driven, so you need to be, too. You will produce engineering insight, set KPIs and OKRs for the team as well as write reports to develop and communicate ideas. You also have a sense of urgency towards action and excellent ability to communicate in all directions of the org chart
Desired Qualifications
  • We have really big ambitions and are scaling rapidly. You will get the space and support you need to grow by focusing deeply on meaningful work. Plootonians are passionate about their customers, teams and FinTech, so you will feel right at home! You will receive a competitive salary, stock options from day 1, and annual (on top of many other benefits). Secure your seat on our Rocketship as we build the next FinTech unicorn together!