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Software Developer
Posted on 8/22/2022
Colorado Springs, CO, USA • Remote
Experience Level
  • Bachelor's Degree, preferred
  • Prior experience with developing, about 2+ years
  • Grow as a valued team member:
  • Progress in mastering tools and libraries that are critical to the role of full stack developer
  • Progress in mastering principles of craftsmanship such as unit tests, structuring objects and classes efficiently and simply, understanding error handling and foreseeing boundary conditions, unit testing, and similar principles
  • Progress in mastering the Pushpay domain
  • Success exploring new technologies that are a tangible benefit to Pushpay
  • When paired with another team member, you are expected to own the velocity of cards and complete work diligently and on time
  • You are expected to show value and contribute by showing the use of craftsmanship and good development practices
  • You should be able to work on nearly all well-defined work
  • In order to see success on an individual level, team level and as a department, you are held to the following competencies:
  • Able to step in as co-lead of team with a Senior Developer
  • Complete projects timely and successfully
  • Contribute and collaborate with your team to meet weekly team goals, as well as have willingness and ability to inspect, adapt and improve to promote team product quality
  • Engage in team meetings
  • Provide constructive feedback on the direction of features and cards
  • Regularly contribute to retros and demos
  • Takes ownership of the team's work and completing it on time
  • Your contribution to Department Velocity
  • Your contribution to Department quality
  • Able to meet revenue or business goals with new products
  • Associate engagement
  • Assist with onboarding new team members
Desired Qualifications
  • Be considerate, transparent, and consistent, and do what you say you will, when you say you will. Have candor and put your fellow associates before customers
  • Deliver results despite challenges. Solve problems and don't confuse e􀀼ort with results. Be quick, but don't hurry. Be passionate and determined
  • Seek simplicity and strive to create experiences that are functionally meaningful, easily accessible, and emotionally delightful
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, show respect and care for each other, treat each other with dignity and honor, and conduct yourself without gossip or cynicism. Put forth the effort to be a great follower, peer, and leader
  • Be grateful for your team, your workplace, and your life. Live generously and help others around you succeed. Fully develop your knowledge, skills, and performance to make your team and your role better
  • Be a Team Player. Be actively involved in your team. Communicate clearly and frequently. Collaborate consistently
  • Strong passion for developing new software that is scalable and incredibly user-friendly

201-500 employees

Online church giving
Company Overview
The founders of Pushpay believed mission-based organizations deserved great software. That vision has fueled their work and people every day for more than ten years as we create industry-leading software and a culture of generosity.
  • Career Development - We offer credits towards Audible audiobooks and Kindle books to help you grow your career. If it’s related to your job, we’ll buy you the book.
  • 401(k) Matching - We hope you work here for a long time, and we’ll help you prepare for retirement with a matching program and vesting schedule that rivals most employers.
  • 100% Medical Coverage - Healthy employees are critical to our success. That’s why we pay 100% of your medical premium and 50% of your dependent’s premium.
  • Corporate Giving - Generosity is more than a talking point here. We support employees in volunteering locally and participating in giving campaigns throughout the year.
  • Carpool Incentives - Traffic is the worst. Find a co-worker and beat the gridlock together with carpool incentives for using innovative apps like Scoop and Waze Carpool.
  • Unlimited Healthy Snacks - Our Nespresso machines power us through the gloomy winters (and all year long, to be honest). When that’s not enough, grab fresh fruit, veggies, or one of the dozen rotating snacks!
Company Values
  • People-focused: We value relationships and choose to put others first
  • Teachable: We are always growing ourselves, and improving our company and offerings, and we lead with innovation
  • Driven: We are compelled to achieve excellence in all that we do
  • Simplicity: We solve complex problems with solutions that make things easy.
  • Generosity: We are dedicated to sharing our time, efforts, expertise, and spirit in order to better our community and our Pushpay team.