Senior Product Manager

Enterprise Product

Updated on 5/22/2024



AI-driven visual storytelling enhancement

AI & Machine Learning


San Francisco, CA, USA + 1 more

Required Skills
  • 6+ years of product management in SaaS products.
  • Team Player - you can communicate clearly and objectively with teammates, leading a conversation to an optimal consensus faster without friction, you know how to convince others or to be convinced.
  • Technical Understanding - you understand the technical side of things so you know what's practical or not and can work with developers seamlessly to push through projects, making product decisions facing unexpected technical challenges or tradeoffs.
  • Hands-on Fast Learner - you learn things fast and get on top of new systems and tools quickly.
  • Know Your Customers - find design partners, join sales/customer success calls, conduct user interviews, constantly talk to existing and potential customers to build communication and empathy avenues with different roles, extracting and integrating key insights for product roadmap and improvements.
  • Own The Feedback Loop - build up efficient feedback loops between the product team and sales team/enterprise customers, from which you collect the best insights back and deliver the next killer feature/improvement that yields measurable results.
  • Lead Product Initiatives - go after the best product problem for enterprise customers, set up goals with clear scope and direction, work with designers and developers to quickly iterate and deliver product updates to customers.
  • Keep Up With The Market - constantly stay on the front edge of the industry, following competitor updates, new technology advances for up-to-date and holistic view of the market.

Surreal specializes in an AI content generation engine that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to transform visual storytelling and enhance content creation. The main focus is on leveraging AI capabilities for innovative content generation, emphasizing the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology.

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