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Updated on 9/8/2023
IXL Learning

501-1,000 employees

Online lessons for K-12 subjects
Company Overview
IXL is passionate about improving learning for all. They apply technology in thoughtful and innovative ways to unlock students' innate curiosity, creativity, and desire for knowledge.
San Mateo, CA, USA
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IT & Security
  • 1 in 4 students in the United States uses
  • Rosetta Stone provides an immersive learning experience for 25 languages
  • Wyzant is the nation's largest community of tutors, covering 300+ subjects
  • Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is a comprehensive marketplace for millions of educator-created resources
  • Noticing. You will have had a long background already, looking at things and asking questions. Why was it designed this way? What is good about this design? What is not so good? You notice, ask questions, and critique websites, apps, toys, architecture, books, cars, packaging - you name it
  • Empathy. You'll learn how to empathize with anyone, to understand what makes a product “work” for them. You'll understand the full range of customers you're trying to reach, and you'll be able to switch quickly in your head from one type of customer to another and another and another. You'll learn to identify when there is missing information that prevents you from empathizing, and you'll know how to fill it in
  • Problem solving. When you are stuck, when you find yourself unable or unenthusiastic about making progress, you'll be able to reflect and identify the reason why. Whether it's missing knowledge, fear of failure, or some other obstacle, you'll hone in on the issue and use one of the many techniques you've developed to overcome it
  • Making sensible business decisions. You'll be able to weigh many conflicting factors to determine what to focus on and how much time to allocate for the best overall outcome