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Senior Software Engineer, Front-End
Posted on 2/1/2022
Experience Level
Desired Skills
React Native
  • You thrive in a startup environment. You are scrappy and adventurous. You are resourceful. You leverage all resources at your disposal(not just the obvious ones). You are absurdly persistent. You take pride in doing more with less. You are positive. You look for and point out the good in each situation. You make wise decisions quickly, and correct bad ones even quicker. You inspire others to think bigger / be greater / do great things
  • You are a co-owner in the business and you act like it. You have a sense of urgency. You know which details to sweat. You smartly separate what must be done well now, and what can be improved later. You are 100% responsible for removing your roadblocks. You take the initiative to make the team more efficient. You identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms. You focus on meaningful results rather than raw output
  • You are curious. You are innately curious about how something"works". When you don't understand, you keep digging until you understand it. When you don't know, you say you don't know. When you're wrong, you say you're wrong and know that it's okay. You embrace stepping outside of your comfort zone, ambiguity, and potential failure. You ask questions to find"truth," not argue or show they are right. You seek opportunities to teach. You quash dogma and get all brains on the table
  • You generate positive energy. You have infectious enthusiasm. You take pride in what you do. You are passionate. You speak up and have a voice even when it's hard to do. You don't settle for less than excellence. You are okay showing vulnerability. You don't puff yourself up, or shrink yourself down. You stay true to who you are
  • You put the team first. You're reliable and fully invested in the task at hand. You sacrifice for the greater good of the team. You're patient and flexible with team-mates. You're fully invested in making sure your team mates can be all that they can be
  • You are straight-forward. You over invest in communication but do it understand, not to convince people you're right. You're open to suggestions and criticism. You're always responsible for your side of the communication. You're honest, particularly when it's hard. You trust others do the same. You are concise
  • 5+ years experience in web technologies, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Expert in JavaScript fundamentals and libraries, HTML5, CSS3, and other web languages and technologies
  • Strong experience in writing JavaScript in component-based Architecture frameworks such as ReactJS or VueJs
  • React Native development experience is great
  • Experience with a responsive design for desktop/mobile
  • Database skills - You understand the use cases for relational and non-relational data, you've implemented code against several different database platforms
  • RDBMS, NoSQL, shared storage, ETLs, queuing systems, Pub/Sub, Message Buses
  • Able to design high quality and efficient APIs that drive great user experiences
  • Experience implementing HTML optimizations including CDN usage, caching strategies and efficient media handling
  • Love creating data-rich visualizations and exceptional user experiences
  • Familiar with implementing customer metrics tracking and visualization
  • Familiar with and able to produce high quality user experiences including interactive charts and visualizations
  • Comfortable with writing back end server code and able to build features and components from the back-end stack to user interface
  • You'll ship product. As part of our team, you will move fast. Whether it's pushing a bug fix immediately after seeing it or architecting a bigger change that will help us scale to millions of users, you'll constantly be building and shipping. Along the way, you'll write clean and efficient code, do unit tests, follow best practices, improve our infrastructure and tooling and have the benefit of working with others who share your enthusiasm
  • You'll contribute in all areas. You might choose to go deep in one aspect of the product, but like your teammates you'll make a habit of working across the stack, frequently picking up new languages and platforms as needed
  • You'll shape the product strategy. You will get to use your own product(and talk with others while they are using it) every day, and have significant input into its development. Your ideas will always be heard
  • You'll create something meaningful. Financial empowerment is one of the few achievable goals that instantly improves peoples lives, outcomes, and happiness. We are making it simpler and easier for people to build wealth so they can better realize their dreams for both them and their families
Desired Qualifications
  • Familiar with the backend environment and how to integrate the server data into the web application. GraphQL experience is a plus

501-1,000 employees

Venture capital firm
Company Overview
Atomic is a place for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build, launch, and scale products and companies solving painful problems in huge markets. Atomic pioneered the studio-fund model of bringing together ideas, capital, talent, and resources to start companies in parallel and has built successful companies across industries ranging from fintech, web3, and the workplace to proptech, education, and the enterprise.