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Manufacturing Engineer
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Experience Level
  • An experience in a machine shop in a technical capacity (either programming or operating a CNC machine) is imperative. This role is ideally suited for a seasoned programmer that has demonstrated process-development appetite or an engineer with demonstrated hands-on experience (in prototyping or design functions)
  • Ability to leverage statistics to make data informed decisions in a manufacturing context - demonstrate-able knowledge of best ways to extract data from ERP and channel insights into process development or triage
  • Ability to work with machinists or technician-level employees and upskill the entire shop floor. Your technical experience will go nowhere if you are not able to generate buy in from Hadrian's world class machinist team
  • Intake: Serve as customer POC and project manager for any 0-1 program onboarded at Hadrian. Collect background, statement, design intent, and expected completion date from customer. Evaluate bid with regards to Hadrian organizational goals, resource availability, and potential developments needed
  • Project management: Create detailed inspection plan using Hadrian's internal management tools, dive deep at crucial steps of the machining process (programming, prove out, select main phase) and communicate to customer any foreseen delay / recovery plans
  • DFM feedback: Gather inputs from CAM-operations, machining, and quality teams to define DFM issues. Build relationships with customer buyers/engineers to create collaboration-based relationships with partner programs
Desired Qualifications
  • An ability to write software is a plus but not a must have

51-200 employees

Highly automated precision component software
Company Overview
Hadrian's mission is to build the systems, automation and culture to transform advanced manufacturing in America. The company builds software-defined high precision component factories for the top aerospace companies in the world.
  • Substantial equity grants
  • Healthcare, vision, dental, & life Insurance
  • Stipends for relocation, home office and/or flights to LA
  • Exposure to Tier 1 VCs & Angel Investors
  • If you leave to start your own company, we'll invest and help you fundraise