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Server Validation / System Level Test Engineer, Senior Principal
Posted on 4/7/2022
San Jose, CA, USA • Portland, OR, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
  • Minimum of 15 years' related work experience
  • Database utilization and data analysis skills
  • Good knowledge of Linux, UEFI and BMC firmware diagnostic access and capabilities
  • Good understanding of the silicon manufacturing process (wafer test, module test, SLT)
  • Silicon process knowledge (PSRO, IddQ, VF sorting, I/O parametrics, active power)
  • Experience in processor system level validation -- CPU cores, DDR, PCIe
  • Experience with software programming in Python or C/C++
  • Processor characterization, ATE speed/power sort, and guard-banding experience a plus
  • Proficient software development and implementation skills on Windows and Linux
  • Own results analysis for server SoC volume system level test
  • Leverage detailed fail logs and in-line data to group related fails together and identify trends
  • Define priorities for the fail analysis teams based on fail rates and risk analysis
  • Leverage RMA data to further prioritize issues and provide samples for analysis
  • Present trend data on a weekly basis or as needed
  • Identify commonalities between fails to identify potential test platform or lot related issues
  • Define platform and firmware diagnostic requirements to enhance coverage and analysis capability
  • Drive automation requirements including data collection as well as decision based control
  • Drive process improvements in the end-to-end process (both design and manufacturing)
  • Leverage additional data including voltage/frequency shmoos over temperature, characterization of power measurement features, guard-band analysis, etc
Desired Qualifications
  • Familiar with ARM based server chip architecture and system level test is a plus
Ampere is a semi-conductor company.
Company mission
Ampere is a semi-conductor company.