Data Excellence Manager
Posted on 2/15/2023
London, UK
Experience Level
  • University degree in Engineering, Math, Economics, Business or related field
  • 3+ years of work experience, either in a similar role, project management or a consulting background
  • Ability to work with various business users, vendors and regional development teams
  • Work experience with digital data pipelines or data analytics
  • Documentation, budgeting and project management experience and skills
  • Good knowledge in IT governance, IT operations and/or risk management
  • Business partnering, especially in virtual teams
  • Data expertise (eg. master data, databases etc)
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Project and change management skills
  • Proficient MS Excel Skills, SQL would be a plus
  • Strong analytical, structured problem-solving skills
  • Ability to communicate and present clear thinking on all levels
  • Strong listening, organisation, people-person and networking abilities
  • Self-motivated, able to work within a project based environment
  • Support coherent diagnosis and problem definition on data value leakage caused by structural issues in the data flows
  • Identify, drive, influence solutions (IT, process, design, people, competency, project management etc) that addresses key structural Data issues and ensures the right outcomes and measurements (eg. availability, cost) are implemented and sustained within the data assets and data operations
  • Promote end to end data operational excellence by ensuring Data is trusted, connected and drives value for the business assets
  • Plan, strategise and develop of the above into a framework
  • Evangelise data to influence the importance and the power of data, and how to utilize this power within Mindvalley so that everyone will have the ability to explore and use data
  • Lead data culture change initiatives
  • Plan, design and administer training programs to ensure that employees have the skills and knowledge to use and work with data
  • Plan, establish and manage the data governance and management in the following aspects:
  • Data governance: availability, usability, reliability, integrity and security of the data
  • Data architecture: how data is captured, processed, stored and utilised within the overall data management and MIS framework
  • Internal controls and reviews: controls on data quality, security, privacy and integrity
  • PDPA and management of customer information
  • Data loss prevention
  • Plan, strategise and develop documentation of framework, policies and procedures on data governance and management
  • Identify, drive and implement process to effectively and efficiently administer data governance and management policies
Company Overview
Mindvalley incubates and accelerates businesses that innovate on transformational education for all ages, through mediums