Device Design Engineer

Posted on 6/6/2024

Atomic Machines Inc.

Atomic Machines Inc.

51-200 employees

Robotic manufacturing platform for MEMS devices

Industrial & Manufacturing
Robotics & Automation


Oakland, CA, USA

Required Skills
  • Track record of designing MEMS/microsystems device components or systems in industry or graduate school, from concept to prototype or product.
  • Strong foundation in analysis and design of microscale systems involving multiple coupled physical domains (electrostatic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, piezoresistive, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, structural mechanics, etc.)
  • At least basic knowledge of FEM tools (preferably COMSOL) and CAD software.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to work independently and/or cross-functionally.
  • Detail orientation, excellent adherence to scientific method, strong work ethic and outcome-focused attitude.
  • Master’s or PhD degree, 3+ years of work experience.
  • Conceptualize, design and successively refine new approaches or improvements to subsystems or components of our revolutionary first device.
  • Explore new manufacturing processes that enable device advancements with the potential to ultimately incorporate into AMP.
  • Perform analytical modeling and/or FEM simulations of designs including multiple coupled physical domains.
  • Design and execute hands-on experiments to evaluate design solutions with very fast iteration cycles in our R&D lab and Hybrid Fab.
  • Perform analysis and characterization using advanced metrology tools such as SEM/EDS, CT scan, optical profilometer, etc.
  • Contribute to the development of custom test and measurement setups to characterize experimental prototypes.
  • Carefully document design decisions, experimental results, measurements, etc. and maintain ownership of all documentation consistent with the Atomic Machines Product Development Process.
  • Work collaboratively in cross-functional engineering teams with contributors from Materials Processing, Process Engineering, Manufacturing, Software, and other disciplines.
  • Design for manufacturing in conjunction with other teams to help improve or add to the set of AMP capabilities.

Atomic Machines is at the forefront of robotic manufacturing technologies, specializing in innovative solutions for micro-electromechanical (MEMS) devices. Their platform leverages advanced robotics and MEMS technology for precision atomic-level material manipulation, setting new standards in the MEMS production industry. This focus on specialized, high-precision manufacturing makes it an exceptional workplace for those interested in cutting-edge technology and engineering excellence.

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