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Senior Software Engineer, Nsv - Cloud Platform
Posted on 3/8/2022
Austin, TX, USA • San Jose, CA, USA • Remote
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Development Operations (DevOps)
  • 6+ yrs of experience with designing and building distributed software systems
  • BS/MS degree in Computer science or related areas (or equivalent experience)
  • Rust Development, Infrastructure systems and protocols (DHCP/DNS/PXE/etc)
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement maintainable APIs for consumers
  • Practical experience with asynchronous programming, type safety, threading models, state machines
  • Understanding of underlying Linux Kernel scheduling, memory management, and networking subsystems
  • Strong knowledge of networking protocols such as IP, IPv6, BGP, HTTP, ICMP, tunneling protocols (VXLAN, Geneve, FoU, GRE), etc
  • Understanding of data persistence (SQL or similar)
  • Understanding of secure communication protocols (mutual-TLS, IPsec, or similar)
  • Demonstrated ability to reach cross-functional consensus without all the details
  • Design and build scalable software systems to manage NVIDIA's cloud infrastructure. Additionally, they will be responsible for building network and systems automation software for managing a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure
  • Building network and systems automation software for managing a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure
  • Speak at internal/external events about our public cloud
  • Participate in open source communities of software we leverage and build
  • Present to internal stakeholders and NVIDIA leadership on roadmaps, vision, & demos
Desired Qualifications
  • Demonstrated ability to write code in a mainstream systems programming language such as Rust or Go, as well as some understanding of C, C++ is a plus
  • Background starting out with DevOps/SRE and migrating to software development
  • Passion for owning components end to end
  • Experience with areas such as bringing up infrastructures, network switches, storage devices from nothing to usable, understanding of system architectures, and OS deployment
  • Experience in a Hyperscale Cloud Service Provider (public facing or not)
  • Background with Kubernetes and/or distributed task scheduling
  • Experience with consensus protocols (Paxos, Raft, etc)
  • Knowledge of SRE principles (observability, SLOs, logging, etc)
  • Knowledge of software interface design for less technical end-users

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