Machine Learning Scientist

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Arena AI

Arena AI

51-200 employees

AI-driven predictions for consumer behavior

Data & Analytics
AI & Machine Learning


New York, NY, USA

Required Skills
  • Working full time in our office in NYC
  • Model training, deployment and maintenance experience in a production environment
  • Strong skills in deep learning and related frameworks (ie. Pytorch, Tensorflow, DeepSpeed, Ray, Pytorch Lightning)
  • Experience in dealing with high performance, large scale ML systems
  • Strong high-level programming skills and passionate about good engineering, clean code, scalability
  • Deep passion for AI and building machine learning systems
  • Interested in the full ML stack from initial R&D through deploying models into production
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to operate in a cross functional team environment
  • Developing ML systems that power closed loop automated decision making for large enterprises
  • Working on large transformer based models that feed multi-modal data and Reinforcement learning based smart exploration/exploitation systems
  • Spanning work from quick exploratory/experimental models to scaled, production processes
  • Pushing the boundaries of what is scientifically and technically possible and sharing advances with the scientific community via publication and/or open source

Arena Technologies offers OneBrain, an autonomous AI product powered by LXMs, designed to predict customer behavior and hardware performance in critical industries such as consumer packaged goods and advanced manufacturing. The product's AI Core includes LXMs, an external data platform, and a low-latency inference engine, while Mission Control allows customers to direct and update campaigns, and Ethical Guidance ensures the deployment of AI systems with safety and ethical considerations.

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New York, New York



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