Program Manager
Posted on 9/27/2023

51-200 employees

AI research firm creating reliable, interpretable systems
Company Overview
Anthropic stands out as a leader in the AI research industry, with a focus on creating reliable, interpretable, and steerable AI systems, demonstrated by their first product, Claude, an AI assistant designed for tasks of any scale. The company's diverse and interdisciplinary team, with expertise in ML, physics, policy, and product, fosters a collaborative culture that drives the development of beneficial AI systems. Their broad research interests, encompassing areas such as natural language, human feedback, scaling laws, reinforcement learning, code generation, and interpretability, position them at the forefront of technical innovation in AI.
AI & Machine Learning

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San Francisco, California

Growth & Insights

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San Francisco, CA, USA
Experience Level
  • Have 5+ years of program management experience and have worked in a privacy role at a technology company
  • Have a knack for identifying and implementing efficient processes and policies
  • Have a passion for developing AI that is both innovative and trustworthy. You understand the opportunities of AI to benefit society as well as the risks and limitations that must be addressed
  • Have experience operating in a fast-paced technology startup in which priorities shift rapidly and schedules “move to the left.” You thrive in this dynamic environment and pride yourself on your adaptability and ability to pivot with speed and grace
  • Understand how to achieve the right balance between the organization's mission and goals, when to be flexible and when to draw a hard line
  • Thrive as a member of cross-functional teams building frontier technologies and want to develop a deep understanding of our technical teams and what we are building
  • Enjoy wearing many hats in a fast-growing startup environment and are comfortable operating outside your areas of expertise and in uncharted legal territory
  • Are a “doer” and are willing to roll up your sleeves to get things done. You're a team player who doesn't hesitate to jump in to solve difficult problems
  • Deep knowledge of privacy-enhancing technologies and privacy engineering concepts
  • Hands-on experience building privacy features and controls
  • Knowledge of relevant privacy laws and regulations
  • Experience with data mapping, DPIAs, and managing privacy programs
  • The ability to translate complex privacy concepts for broad audiences
  • A passion for advancing privacy and ethical data practices. Familiarity with machine learning, generative models and products strongly preferred
  • Develop, implement, and monitor comprehensive privacy policies, procedures, and controls aligned with relevant regulations such as GDPR and CCPA
  • Handle and automate privacy processes like data subject requests, reporting, and audits where possible
  • Conduct privacy design reviews and work with engineers to integrate privacy by design principles
  • Perform privacy threat modeling, risk assessments, and mitigate privacy risks
  • Create and maintain privacy infrastructure such as consent mechanisms, preference managers, and user controls
  • Monitor systems and data practices to identify privacy issues and ensure compliance
  • Collaborate with product managers and engineering teams to balance privacy and product objectives
  • Clearly document privacy policies, procedures, architectures, and controls
  • Perform vendor due diligence and onboarding for privacy compliance
  • Report on privacy metrics, issues, and progress to leadership
  • Stay up-to-date on privacy best practices, tools, and emerging technologies