Operational Data Analyst
Posted on 3/30/2023
Research Innovations

201-500 employees

National security solutions company
Chantilly, VA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Operations & Logistics
Data & Analytics
Software Engineering
  • A minimum of three years of experience in data analytics is required
  • Used tools to track money laundering and structuring activities of transnational criminal organization
  • Fused open-source information on financial accounts, assets, financial institutions, companies, or other entities
  • Produced and managed content of threat reports, to include liaison activities, intelligence analysis, evaluation, and case integration
  • Selected, developed and implemented new techniques, tools, queries, and processes
  • Developed innovative analytical techniques
  • Analyzed large sets of data efficiently and effectively in a reasonable amount of time
  • Fused open source, public record, commercial, and social media data with customers' data
  • Provided visual interpretations of large, disparate data sets, to include geographic and pattern of life analysis
  • Developed automated processes to receive, standardize, conduct quality assurance, and ensure appropriate loading of large sets of raw data from multiple sources
  • Implemented and refined semi-automated processes to more rapidly and effectively extract, transform and load (ETL) data
  • Experience with Link Analysis tools such as Palantir Gotham, DataWalk, I2 or other Data Analytical products using graph databases
  • Working in a DEA Data Analytics Cell to develop and demonstrate the value of advanced analytic capabilities and to operationally tailor and validate these capabilities, while providing timely, direct analytical support for multiple cases
  • Provide in-depth technical, data modeling, and analysis expertise to follow the illegal profits, map the membership of the Drug Trafficking and Terrorist Organizations (DTTOs), identify the financial institutions facilitating the movement of funds, and document the evidence needed for criminal indictments and civil forfeitures
  • Develop and integrate new means of comparing and analyzing various datasets, both structured and unstructured, to ensure that connections and associations are quickly and accurately identified
  • Review extensive financial records, both seized and collected via subpoena and through open source and government database searches and then prepare detailed summary reports regarding the information. These reports will include suggested investigative Operational Plans to best exploit the financial evidence collected
  • Provide recommendations as to how to maximize the use of all federal criminal, civil statutes relating to money laundering and asset seizure, as well as U.S Treasury sanctions allowed under U.S law and how to apply them to global criminal organizations
  • Assist in the debriefings of Confidential Sources (CSs) and witnesses regarding financial intelligence to guarantee the maximum use of the evidence
  • Continuously learning and working independently, making decisions with minimal supervision
  • Working in a rapidly changing environment with dynamic objectives and collaborating with technical and non-technical individuals