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Chief of Staff, Operations
Posted on 5/11/2022
Experience Level
  • Based in Eastern Time; preferably within easy access to Washington DC and/or New York City
  • 3-5 years experience on a revenue or revenue-adjacent team
  • Professional work experience, especially in a support role
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong EQ and comfortable communicating with stakeholders internally and externally at all levels
  • Ability to distill complex problems into easy-to-understand briefings
  • Commitment to continuous self and organizational improvement
  • Manage and triage workflow of the CRO
  • Prioritize, delegate, and complete work on behalf of the CRO
  • Meet with the CRO daily to ensure proper preparation and prioritization for all meetings on the calendar
  • Plan effective meetings on behalf of CRO by drafting agendas, building decks, gathering action items, sending detailed follow-up, etc
  • Add structure and process for better communication within the office of the CRO
  • Support the CRO to ensure effective communication with the CEO, other members of the C-Suite, the CRO's direct reports, and the broader company
  • Execute special projects or initiatives on behalf of the CRO or the broader company
  • Attend C-level meetings with the CRO as well as meetings with direct reports. Take notes, offer feedback, and execute against agreed-upon tasks in follow-up
  • Work with CRO's direct reports outside for 1:1s to ensure proper follow-up and execution
  • Serve as the CRO's proxy in meetings and provide briefings and recommendations as appropriate
  • Serve as an advisor and act as a thought partner to the CRO
  • Provide feedback and recommendations for improvement focused on the CRO's performance and or the performance of the broader team
  • Maintain high-level awareness of all ongoing work throughout the organization, and serve to build connections across different streams of work to amplify impact and avoid duplication of efforts
  • Handle questions and requests on behalf of the CRO, working to mediate disputes and proactively problem-solve as appropriate. Use sound judgment in determining when and how the CRO should be engaged on an issue
  • Assist in planning team-wide events and culture initiatives
The Block

51-200 employees

Digital assets
Company Overview
The Block's mission is to empower smart decisions about the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.
Company Values
  • We are confidently humble. We jump in and roll up our sleeves. We know there’s always more to learn and we operate without egos.
  • We are actionably curious. We strive to be an expert in our field and always seek opportunities to expand our knowledge and skill set. We put our learnings into practice every day.
  • We practice tenacious ownership. Every day when we show up we are contributors, teammates, and owners. We rotate through those three hats with agility and without sacrificing accountability or consistency.
  • We practice respectful partnership. We treat others as we’d expect to be treated - with respect, concern, understanding, and patience.