Yahoo Finance iOS Engineering Intern
Posted on 12/1/2022

10,001+ employees

Yahoo is an American web services provider.
Remote • United States
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Software Testing
Software Engineering
  • Must be enrolled in a Bachelor's program in Computer Science or related major, and have a strong record of academic achievement
  • You are an avid problem solver who has the capability to work independently as well as collaborate within a team. You dive deep into complex problems and persist in finding the solution
  • You are familiar with Cocoa frameworks and have created or contributed to at least one iOS app
  • You have interest in connecting investors to real-time financial data and personalized business news at a large scale
  • You care about the product you're building and want to make it better. You see yourself as a guardian of the user experience, not just the code
  • You look forward to harnessing the power of A/B testing and remote configuration to stress test the best product experiences
  • You write tests and try to make your code easy to change. You hold yourself and your team to rigorous standards of code quality
  • You have processes for how you work and are always trying to make them better
  • You're never done learning
  • You ask lots of questions and pride yourself on coming up with good ones
  • You believe diversity makes stronger teams. You want to learn from and collaborate with people who bring multiple perspectives to the table
  • You bring your whole self to your job and believe this is essential for doing great work
  • Write code for Finance iOS, depending on your skills and interests you might focus on a particular part of the codebase, but you're likely to spend some time working on pieces of it all. Here are the main parts:
  • The app and widgets are written in Swift, SwiftUI with some Objective-C
  • The data layer uses Codable and SwiftProtobuf to talk to the Yahoo Finance backend APIs, which also support GraphQL custom queries
  • Unit tests use the XCTest and iOSSnapshotTestCase frameworks
  • Yahoo Finance is available on iPhone, iPad, M1 Mac and tvOS
  • Develop project timelines, implement design specifications, system design diagrams, documentation, and plans for testing and monitoring
  • Pair-program with the other developers on the team
  • Make your voice heard by promoting your ideas within the team
  • Get involved in the intern events, workshops, and trainings we have available
  • Present your work to leadership and network with your fellow interns