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Creative Producer
Posted on 8/18/2022
Tukwila, WA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
  • 3+ Years' experience working as a Producer, Project Manager, or similar game project management position
  • Understanding of the creative process: Thrives working in a multifaceted environment with creative and artistic teams
  • Strong interpersonal skills: High value is placed in being able to clearly and empathetically communicate with diverse teams
  • Project management orientation: Ability to demonstrate an outstanding balance between a flexible/forward-thinking mentality and a strong orientation towards process and problem solving
  • Excellent documentation ability: Strong skills in articulating complex concepts
  • Build Smartsheet templates, track project schedules, and follow up with individuals inside and outside of the Creative team to ensure timely delivery
  • Coordinate the development and distribution of foundational documentation for Worldbuilding
  • Gather project requirements and connect the dots between leadership and individual contributors
  • Generate and maintain accurate documentation of Worldbuilding assets and needs for upstream and downstream partners
  • Bring clarity and consensus to the team by generating action items, driving conversations to conclusions, and keeping track of decisions
  • Ensure project needs and logistics are within budget
  • Drive pre-vis work for focus groups, external consultants, and surveys
  • Coordinate securing talent for visual concept pushes; work with legal to ensure contractual obligations are met in a timely manner
Wizards of the Coast
Game publisher
Company Overview
Wizards of the Coast creates entertainment that inspires creativity, sparks passions, forges friendships, and fosters communities around the globe. Their games seek to harness the boundless energy and imagination of their players. In every pursuit, they seek to inspire a lifetime love for games.
  • Direct & Indirect Compensation
  • Employee Health Support
  • Caring for Families
  • Parental Leave
  • Core Hours
  • Generous Time Off Programs
  • Free and Discounted Products
  • 4 hours/ Month Paid Volunteer Time
Company Values
  • Be legendary
  • Build a well-rounded crew
  • Delve into dungeons
  • Don't split the party
  • It takes a multiverse