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Marketing and Communications Manager
Falls Church, VA, On-Site, Remote, Or Hybrid
Posted on 8/16/2022
Arlington, VA, USA
Experience Level
Desired Skills
Data Analysis
Google Analytics
  • You're a business-minded person. You understand how our audiences think and can speak their language. You understand that creative ideas are all in support of moving the needle on key metrics, so you systematically evaluate if a strategy is worth pursuing or continuing
  • You're efficient. You use data to determine your priorities and use tools, processes, or delegation to gain efficiency. You think in terms of systems
  • You understand how all our marketing channels work and generally what makes them successful. You may not yet be familiar with all the tools we currently use (which includes Buffer, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Airtable, Zoom, and HubSpot), but you're a fast learner and confident you can pick up new skills
  • Your default mindset is to do it yourself. While you'll have access to award-winning, world-class designers, copywriters, and developers and can often leverage their talent to contribute to marketing efforts, they won't always be available. When needed, you can write creative and compelling copy or generate conference talk ideas on behalf of others
  • You're extremely well organized. A deep and wide channel strategy contains a lot of moving parts, and it's easy for things to fall through the cracks. You thrive on using tools, systems, and processes that make it all work
  • You're decisive and opinionated, but are quick to embrace a better idea
  • You have some professional experience as a marketer and are excited to continue on this career path
  • Continually increase the number of prospective clients and candidates that are aware of and admire Viget, our services, our work, and our differentiators. Success will be measured by an increased number of qualified new business leads and recruiting inquiries
  • Define and iterate on channel strategies that support Viget's vision, values, and goals. These channels may include social, search, publicity, unconventional PR, email, industry events, speaking engagements (for our team of topic experts), awards, and community-building. You'll help determine which channels are most effective, and focus energy on those
  • Tell compelling, accurate, and inspirational stories of our work through offline and online case studies which will both generate awareness and support new business conversations
  • Coordinate and guide the creation and distribution of content across all channels according to a marketing calendar that you'll manage
  • Collaborate regularly with the business development and recruiting teams to align on goals, metrics, and strategy. Contribute to the direction of these teams by reporting back trends, data, and intel that you see amongst our peers, with our clients, and prospective hires

51-200 employees

Full-service interactive agency
Company Overview
Viget sees the digital world as an essential part of the “real” world. That's why they approach tech problems in the same way people approach real-life problems — with curiosity, empathy, and a belief that we can, and will, come up with solutions that make the world a better place for everyone.
  • We offer competitive salaries, annual raises, and a 401(k) plan matched up to 4%
  • We cover 100% of your health & dental insurance (and your family’s, too)
  • We offer healthy snacks in each office and foster a culture of well-being with initiatives
  • We champion sustainable workweeks balanced with 9 paid holidays, 15 days PTO (20 after 2 years), and 2 community service days
  • We outfit our team with 27 in displays and your choice of Macbook Air or Pro. In most cases, you can select the software you prefer
  • We provide an annual conference stipend, internal micro-classes, and opportunities to explore new tech on self-directed projects
Company Values
  • Be Good - To us, this means honest, trustworthy, empathetic, helpful, and respectful of your fellow humans.
  • Be Real - We’re at our best when we’re authentic, engaged, fun-loving, humble, direct, and all-in on our mission.
  • Be Brave - We want you to be curious, creative, ambitious, decisive, and willing to take calculated risks and tackle big challenges.
  • Learn & Grow - Here, you’ll continually expand and evolve your skills, and broaden your personal and professional experiences.
  • Teach & Share - By imparting insights, knowledge, and wisdom throughout our company and community we all succeed.
  • Teamwork - We’re all on the same team and we consistently work both hard and smart in service to our clients and each other.