Vice President of Sales
Civilian Agencies
Posted on 4/4/2023
TRM Labs

51-200 employees

Digital compliance & risk platform
Washington, DC, USA
Experience Level
  • Leveraging existing relationships: A candidate with a strong network within the Federal Civilian sector can tap into these connections to generate new business opportunities and build a sales pipeline quickly
  • Understanding the unique needs of federal civilian agencies: A candidate with in-depth knowledge of Federal Civilian agencies' operational requirements, pain points, and decision-making processes can better tailor sales pitches and offer customized solutions that address their specific needs
  • Building a high-performing sales team: An effective candidate can recruit, train, and mentor a sales team with a deep understanding of the Federal Civilian market. This team can then efficiently drive sales growth and exceed targets
  • Developing targeted customer strategies: By creating and executing well-researched sales strategies tailored to the Federal Civilian sector, a candidate can generate new leads, accelerate the sales cycle, and increase the overall revenue
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams: A successful candidate will work closely with marketing, product development, and customer success teams to develop targeted marketing materials, refine product offerings, and ensure exceptional customer support. This collaboration can lead to increased customer satisfaction and long-term growth in the Federal Civilian market
  • Driving thought leadership and brand awareness: A candidate with subject matter expertise can contribute to industry discussions, participate in conferences and panels, and create insightful content to establish the company as a thought leader in the Federal Civilian sector. This increased visibility can help attract new clients and strengthen the company's reputation
  • Navigating procurement processes and regulations: A candidate familiar with the intricacies of Federal procurement processes and regulations can help the company navigate these complexities, ensuring compliance while also identifying opportunities for growth and expansion
  • Strong knowledge of the federal market specifically in Civilian Agencies specifically Law Enforcement
  • Strong customer-facing presentation/listening skills with the ability to establish credibility with senior federal executives
  • A knack for storytelling. You have the ability understand customer needs and build + convey compelling value propositions
  • Builder. You have worked for a growing company, grew the existing revenue stream, acquired new clients and expanded your team with A players
  • Adaptable. Goals can change fast. You anticipate and react quickly
  • Autonomous. You own what you work on. You move fast and get things done
  • Excellent communication. You will need communicate complex ideas effectively
  • Collaborative. You must work collaboratively in a cross-functional team and with people at all levels in an organization
  • DC Metro based
Desired Qualifications
  • Experience with virtual currencies, applications, and their use in financial networks is a plus