Principal Software Engineer
Unreal Engine, Digital D&D
Confirmed live in the last 24 hours
Wizards of the Coast

1,001-5,000 employees

Game publisher
Company Overview
Wizards of the Coast creates entertainment that inspires creativity, sparks passions, forges friendships, and fosters communities around the globe. Their games seek to harness the boundless energy and imagination of their players. In every pursuit, they seek to inspire a lifetime love for games.

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Bellevue, Washington

Growth & Insights

6 month growth


1 year growth


2 year growth

Experience Level
Desired Skills
Unreal Engine
Art, Graphics & Animation
Software Engineering
  • Work with other high-talent, high-experience developers that share your passions
  • Collaborate directly with designers and artists to create story-telling technologies
  • Mentor and educate team members in how best to architect and implement clients and services in support of large-scale, online gaming platforms
  • Think creatively to find elegant solutions to complex problems across a wide range of subject areas
  • 10 years experience crafting video game technology
  • 5 years experience as a principal engineer or senior engineer
  • 5 years experience making games using the Unreal Engine
  • Extensive experience writing software in C++
  • Experience architecting and building networked multiplayer games
  • The genuine enjoyment of working with others
  • A motivated individual with experience creating and playing RPGs, especially D&D and a preference towards prioritizing teamwork in order to achieve success
  • Communicates well and does not hesitate to initiate dialog with the relevant partners
  • A passion for mentoring, guiding, and inspiring teams of engineers
  • Willingness to help troubleshoot and resolve technical problems as they arise
  • Experience working with other engineering and product teams to integrate multiple service technologies
  • Familiarity with multiple 3D engines (Unity3D, Unreal Engine, proprietary, etc.) and programming languages (C#, C++)
  • Extensive knowledge of interactive software production processes, timelines, tools, and methodologies, especially in a live product environment
  • Innovate on new and existing Dungeons & Dragons creative processes to better deliver enjoyable, accessible, engaging, narrative experiences for our existing and new players
  • Drive quality, extensible, architecture that scales, is efficient to operate, and resilient enough for the challenges of live game operations
  • Share knowledge and experience with your team, working hands-on with them to achieve success, and help define the team's ever growing coding processes and standards
  • Work within the Unreal Engine to design and create flexible systems to support various methods of gameplay
  • Rapidly prototype a variety of concepts to actualize the product vision